Ted Rall for December 09, 2018


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  1. Missing large
    wolfiiig  4 months ago

    Back to canned green beans.

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  2. Missing large
    Daeder Premium Member 4 months ago

    If only America really did have the kale lobby to worry about instead of our petroleum addiction.

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  3. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ Premium Member 4 months ago

    Potatoes were once a super food until they deep fried them.

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  4. Maps little guy
    Radish Premium Member 4 months ago

    In related news, the Romaine lettuce became toxic because the Trump admin relaxed the rules on water used on crops.

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  5. Missing large
    sartre  4 months ago

    For “kale”, read “sugar”.

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  6. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member 4 months ago

    I remember a Cheers episode where they made fun of Kale Juice. Now the joke is a reality. I can’t wait for Pumpkin Spice Kale.

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  7. Photo on 12 25 14 at 12.43 am
    mattro53  4 months ago

    Kale makes you hale. Eat enough and you will poop more regularly. As a long time vegetarian I like kale but I was/am unaware of its current ubiquity. The latest super food fad, this too will pass. My real concern, especially when it comes to feeding my children is (as sartre states above) that everything is tanked up with sugar. Combine that with the tendency to veg out in front of a video screen for a deadly mix. Take a look around at all the really fat kids you see, a rarity when I was young. Half of these kids will have heart attacks and strokes by the time they’re my age. If I were cynical (I know I just said this on another topic) I’d think that the powers-that-be like it this way.

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  8. Lifi
    Ross Shales  4 months ago

    hmmm, odd detour

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  9. Lifi
    Ross Shales  4 months ago

    is this a tribute to Bush?

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  10. The brain
    ArtyD2 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Where is STEC when you really need it?

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  11. Nrh
    NRHAWK Premium Member 4 months ago

    Hell, I’m still trying to figure out why they are putting corn syrup in my green beans. I just want my food to be food without insidiously giving me diabetes or tasting like crap because of kale.

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  12. Americanflag
    Masterskrain Premium Member 4 months ago

    What the hell IS Kale, anyway??

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  13. 61611cc1 9501 4d33 b02c 967dd2571d42
    sfletch1  4 months ago

    No wonder the Green Party is doing so poorly.

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  14. 300px little nemo 1906 02 11 last panel
    lonecat  4 months ago

    I like kale.

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  15. Hep cat emily deane cropped
    Homeward Premium Member 4 months ago

    It’s the kudzu of edible greens. (Heck, kudzu might even be better than kale.)

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  16. Missing large
    defunctdoormat  4 months ago

    I take it someone doesn’t like kale and doesn’t want anyone else enjoying it.

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  17. Witch4
    Bex Premium Member 4 months ago

    The only way to eat kale is to smother it in heavy cream and cheddar cheese.

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  18. Missing large
    Meatpuppet  4 months ago

    Just love that kale lubricant for sex…

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  19. Rise the moon 20161228 101130603 c50
    Andrew Sleeth Premium Member 4 months ago

    Kale shares the same drawback as so many of the cruciferous veggies: you’ve got to cook the livin’ daylights out of it to make it edible! I’ve found the easiest shortcut is just to spray the stuff with olive oil and microwave it until it’s like a potato chip — emphasis on the “like” part.

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  20. Missing large
    Michael W. Barr Premium Member 4 months ago

    Wow, a bold, definitive stand against kale. Where does Rall find the courage?

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  21. Rainbowdash avatar images 2
    Teto85 Premium Member 4 months ago

    You can have all the kale you want. I’ll take my cabbage in the form of coleslaw please. NO cabbage, kimchi, sauerkraut or kale. Bleeeeeech.

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  22. Missing large
    RSHAFFE1  4 months ago

    This gives me hope in my quest to get humans to start consuming oak leaves. we have an unlimited supply here in NC! Actually Pin Oak salad may taste better!

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  23. Androidify 1453615949677
    Jason Allen  4 months ago

    Here in the Upper Midwest, Kale is relegated to a bag in the salad aisle or in over priced pasteurized juice drinks marketed to with more money than sense. What’s inescapable are ignorant right wingers who still support Trump regardless of how badly he acts or the stupid $#!+ he says and who still believe Republicans are acting in their best interests. I’m pretty sure Ted would rather deal with the ubiquitous kale.

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  24. Missing large
    pamela welch Premium Member 4 months ago

    Great ’toon, Mr Rall — and so very true.

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  25. Catinnabag2 50pct
    Màiri  4 months ago

    There’s cauld kail in Aberdeen,And castocks in Strathbogie ;Gin I hae but a bonnie lass,Ye’re welcome tae your cogie.

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  26. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  4 months ago

    I like kale. I like bitter and sour. It’s a fad right now but I liked it before it was.

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  27. Missing large
    buckman-j  4 months ago

    Two words: Thousand Island

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  28. Rip
    Lord Gaga Premium Member 4 months ago

    Kale me now.

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