Sarah's Scribbles by Sarah Andersen for September 12, 2017

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    Randallw  over 6 years ago

    I give it an A.

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    Scott  over 6 years ago

    One of the few of my favorites that is always a pleasure to read. On one scale it’s always a 10, on another, an A with extra credit.

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  3. Missing large
    Pointspread  over 6 years ago

    Don’t sweat it: yours are always good!

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  4. Picture
    ChristopherAndrewWyatt  over 6 years ago

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  5. Oldwolfcookoff
    The Old Wolf  over 6 years ago

    Used to be the only things that comics lived and died by was letters to the editor, and few people ever wrote them. Which is why stale abominations like “Mary Worth” or “Hi and Lois” stayed around forever.

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  6. Duck1275
    Brass Orchid Premium Member over 6 years ago

    The source always has to be considered. Don’t you always go back again and again to see if you can spot an error that evades all detection until open to public inspection, only to find one moments after uploading? Mean comments are like that, but without the attention to things that would allow them to delete or replace their comments before too many people had seen them.

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  7. Img 0381
    BigE  over 6 years ago

    I have been reading Sarah’s Scribbles for a couple years and I just hope you work continues for years to come. You comics touch the depth of lonelyness with such delightful humor

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  8. Reading cat
    morningglory73 Premium Member over 6 years ago

    Love you Sarah, don’t stop drawing don’t stop cartooning. Scribble on!!!

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  9. Missing large
    Nathan Daniels Premium Member over 6 years ago


    ….You’re welcome.

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  10. Cheese man
    pumaman  over 6 years ago

    I like the way your work sucks!

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  11. Anarcho syndicalismvnnb   copy
    gigagrouch  over 6 years ago


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  12. Missing large
    loveabulldesign  over 6 years ago

    Sweet Mercy

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  13. Dragonfly clip art  9337
    CeeJay  over 6 years ago

    There’s no room for bad comments. Comics differ as much as people’s tastes in comics differ. Note how suddenly the comment section for this comic strip becomes a way to attack Mary Worth and Hi and Lois. Why? I’m sure Ms. Andersen would like her strip to last as long as those two strips did. There is no civility left.

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  14. Internet high five
    Summarius  over 6 years ago

    Comic Good. Me like. Read again.

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  15. Bill the cat
    Bill D. Kat Premium Member over 6 years ago

    My main problem with comics…. or funnies as we used to call them… is that they are seldom funny. Yours almost always are. But they also go beyond and enable us to see our own foibles in a humorous light. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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  16. Missing large
    Andrew   over 6 years ago

    Lovely, as always!

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  17. Hobo
    MeGoNow Premium Member over 6 years ago

    Yeah, well good luck with that when you can’t think of much of an idea and have to do a self-referential cartooning cartoon.

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  18. Emily the strange 6
    Piksea Premium Member over 6 years ago

    I’m a big fan. Your relatable comics are always a welcome sight in my Go Comics feed!!!

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  19. Crybaby 728828 1
    SallyLin   over 6 years ago

    There ya go, Sarah. Fairly merciful, I’d say. Personally, I’m always delighted when I see SS has been updated.

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  20. Photo
    PaulNtabuyeButera  over 6 years ago

    Sweet mercy from here too.

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  21. Picture
    HenryBackman  over 6 years ago

    Great comics, always loved your work! BUT! What is the last character of the button being clicked? :)

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  22. Missing large
    hayleyandwes15  over 6 years ago

    Sarah….my day is always made better by you….thank you!

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  23. Missing large
    rickjm  over 6 years ago

    Well Done, as always!

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  24. Picture
    TheresaHynes  over 6 years ago

    You inspired me to draw my own comics. Thank you.

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  25. Picture
    StephanieNelson  over 6 years ago

    Old Sarah Scribbles:Scroll casually through news feed and see full comic. Laugh with pure delight.

    New Sarah Scribbles:Clickbait too yet another page riddled with ads and pop-ups like all the others.

    Love the comics and been following for quite some time, but it’s gone a step too far.

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  26. Image 2023 09 27 151840085
    Striped Cat  over 6 years ago

    Sweet Mercy.

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  27. 9a61ec07410e91ff118cd354baf25d1f sticker
    Laurie Stoker Premium Member over 6 years ago

    I love your comics so much!!!!!

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  28. Missing large
    Random Lurker Premium Member over 6 years ago

    Sarah, you are a good person!

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  29. Dodge viper green 2
    rgcviper  over 6 years ago

    A fun comic, that I enjoy reading. Keep up the good work.

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  30. Picture
    KenGostchock  over 6 years ago

    Purchased your two books and sent them to my spawn. I’m 40 y-o, she’s 22 — she and I both find your humor … delecible! <3

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  31. Images
    Hockey17  about 6 years ago

    Thanks for the laughs! Keep doing what you love!

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  32. F6b0f646 ab9a 4462 8855 80af2f81f4ee
    Hi I just got home from work and I have to go work  almost 6 years ago

    I feel bad for the angry birds comic,gettting flamed hard

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    Mr. Nailer Bondy  over 5 years ago

    Sarah, I just discovered Scribbles a couple weeks ago. I love it. Even though I am a sixty-something hetero male, not a twenty-something young woman, I still feel a connection with pseudo-Sarah in a lot of your Scribbles.Very entertaining – I love your work.I have gone over all of the Scribbles in gocomics a couple times and I hope to see more Scribbles for years.

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  34. Missing large
    hpac1118  over 5 years ago


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  35. 44eb060d f5b1 4df3 9c83 ce6cd6bcb9fc
    Gotta Swoop  about 4 years ago

    sweet mercy

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  36. Fef08a4fd6bdb1361b558581a5b88bb4
    kf6rro  about 4 years ago

    Where does one post the comics that they made?

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  37. 924f572a 67c3 4de1 b5ab 489f516b165e
    Awesome_Guy  about 4 years ago

    ThIs SuCkS

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  38. F020865b 3a7e 42e2 8ee4 9569e4b05e52
    lim95  over 3 years ago

    I will help you in the comment section.

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  39. 433ea7b7 f587 495c 8d2f 56b0816b1acd
    SexyFish13  over 3 years ago

    Sweet mercy from the comments section= LUV UUUUUU

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  40. Missing large
    Annabeth Chase  almost 2 years ago

    BNCS is worse than this, she has no idea how painful reading the comments can be.

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