Tom Toles for May 12, 2019


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  1. Missing large
    brwydave Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Please try to redact within the lines.

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  2. Nct beach wiz
    DD Wiz Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Executive privilege is the right to confidentiality in papers and conversations relevant to the conduct of the affairs of state.

    Executive privilege allows SPECIFIC documents and conversations to be designated as necessarily confidential for the conduct of official business.

    Executive privilege can NOT be a blanket, general order against any and all cooperation.

    Executive privilege can NOT be used solely to prevent legitimate legislative oversight, especially by the person whose conduct is being looked into. That is not executive privilege; that is OBSTRUCTION.

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  3. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma Premium Member about 1 month ago

    He’s using blunt tip scissors, not crayon.

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  4. Limpid
    mr_sherman Premium Member about 1 month ago

    The red marker hides the blood from the wounds he’s inflicted onto the Constitution.

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  5. Photo
    pjmarler.  about 1 month ago

    Where does this jackass find the time to screw everybody and everything? There can’t be that many hours in a day.

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  6. Alexander the great
    Alexander the Good Enough  about 1 month ago

    Who was it that recently said that tЯump☠ has at least skimmed the Constitution, looking for his name…

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  7. Missing large
    wolfhoundblues1  about 1 month ago

    Get the full story at Redacted Tonight

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  8. Androidify 1453615949677
    Jason Allen  about 1 month ago

    To be fair, it’s highly doubtful Trump even knows what the Constitution says about the presidency. It’s more than 3 sentences with no pictures or mentions of Trump, so he has no desire to ever read it.

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  9. Picture
    EdMeiller Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Notice he’s colouring the pussy….cat.

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  10. Tor johnson
    William Bednar Premium Member about 1 month ago

    He wants to change it to begin: “Me, The President”.

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  11. Avatar
    JDave48  about 1 month ago

    A third panel “Executive Action” would show him pulling his fat ass out of a golf cart that is parked on a putting green.

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  12. Agent gates130516four
    Radish Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Republicans are at war with the Constitution.

    They are actively destroying our system of checks and balances to favor them.

    The Trump admin has denied the House’s legal requests for any and all documents.

    McConnell will not allow any bills from the House up for vote unless it pleases Trump.

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  13. Missing large
    normgillespie47  about 1 month ago

    I thought it was the Left that believes the Constitution doesn’t mean what it says, that it is a living, breathing, evolving document that must keep up with the times. They should embrace someone they see as sharing those beliefs.

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  14. 100 6303
    Perkycat  about 1 month ago

    Love this comic!!

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  15. Jock
    Godfreydaniel  about 1 month ago

    Trump can’t read at a level more than that of a young gradeschool child, but he CAN recognize certain words. He probably has skimmed the Constitution (during TV commercials or while waiting for his next instructions from Putin) looking for “Trump” and “covfefee” and “hamberder.” He also probably thinks the Constitution was born in Germany!

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  16. Missing large
    DrDon1  about 1 month ago

    #45, with no respect for the Constitution or the American people, is only interested in fattening his wallet and his ego!

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  17. Missing large
    Michael W. Barr Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Love the details of the tongue (showing concentration), and the teeny, tiny hands.

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  18. Sjacket
    phredturner  about 1 month ago

    Dementia …perhaps syphyletic

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  19. 3hands
    Concretionist  about 1 month ago

    For him, “Executive Privilege” seems to be just like “white privilege” is for black people: I doubt he has any idea that what he’s doing isn’t legal. Even many years ago, when he had to be brighter than now, he was well understood to be simplistic, self-centered, and unable to understand the idea of “win-win”.

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  20. Agent gates130516four
    Radish Premium Member about 1 month ago

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