Top row: Glenn McCoy, Robert Ariail, Stuart Carlson, Lalo Alcaraz, Pat Oliphant  2nd row: Matt Davies, Matt Wuerker, Rob Rogers, Tom Toles, Ruben Bolling  3rd row: Jeff Stahler, Matt Bors, Henry Payne, Jerry Holbert, Ted Rall


Now, I've learned the hard way not to get too political on this blog. Who can forget the backlash when it was revealed that I'd been diverting syndicate funds to Secretary of the Interior Albert Bacon Fall's re-election campaign prior to the Teapot Dome Scandal? And frankly, it would be small-minded and revisionist history for you to point out that Secretaries of the Interior get appointed, not elected. 

But I will make a bipartisan claim that the relatively new president has sparked a whole lot of great work from the editorial cartoonists of the world. This montage of art above is just a small sample of the different takes on President Trump our editorial cartoonists (aka "EdCars") have done in the past few months. 

I wonder if you could you identify the EdCars above? Can you? Will you? (don't look at the tags at the bottom of this post - but do hover your cursor over the image to check your work)

You might be interested to note that we are hearing from editors that they are hearing from readers that they are getting tired of the editorial cartoonists' "Trump bashing." Well, I don't know about you, but I love to go to a good bash, especially if they have some lovely cheese dips.