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    The leading cause of death among the North Atlantic right whale, which migrates through some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes while journeying off the east coast of the United States and Canada, is being struck by ships. At least sixteen ship-strike deaths were reported between 1970 and 1999, and probably more remain unreported. According to NOAA, twenty-five of the seventy-one right whale deaths reported since 1970 resulted from ship strikes.

    A second major cause of morbidity and mortality in the North Atlantic right whale is entanglement in plastic fishing gear. Right whales ingest plankton with wide-open mouths, risking entanglement in any rope or net fixed in the water column. Rope wraps around their upper jaws, flippers and tails. Some are able to escape, but others remain tangled. Whales can be successfully disentangled, if observed and aided. In July 1997, the U.S. NOAA introduced the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan, which seeks to minimize whale entanglement in fishing gear and record large whale sightings in an attempt to estimate numbers and distribution.

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    The penis on a right whale can be up to 2.7 m (8.9 ft) – the testes, at up to 2 m (6.6 ft) in length, 78 cm (2.56 ft) in diameter, and weighing up to 525 kg (1157 lbs), are also by far the largest of any animal on Earth.15 The blue whale may be the largest animal on the planet, yet the testicles of the right whale are ten times the size of those of the blue whale. They also exceed predictions in terms of relative size, as well – they are six times larger than would be expected on the basis of body mass. Together, the testicles make up nearly 1% of the right whale’s total body weight. This strongly suggests sperm competition is important in mating, which correlates to the fact that right whales are highly promiscuous.

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    I like that formerlyflightsuit was banned from a facebook group. Good on him. Let those people wallow in their self-pity and arrogance. I think I was kicked out of Spanish club in middle school because I let go of a bunch of cuss words during one of our Spanish language skits. (I was actually set up by someone who told me that the words meant something else, and not what they really meant. I wish I could remember one. Does anyone know any really bad Spanish words to help refresh my memory?)

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    Some people can’t own up to their own failures. In this case, being a lousy mother. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree.

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    weird eyes

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    I get more excited by all the leftovers. Cook a lot and take care of meals for a few days. I like leftover turkey. I get most excited by breads and coffee cake loaves. I have an aunt who makes several kinds: pumpkin, banana, zucchini, pistachio, blueberry, cranberry, apricot… not too sweet, but moist and dense and full of nut pieces. Her banana bread contains black walnuts. What a special flavor. In fact, I’d never tasted black walnuts before tasting her bread.

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    Happy Covid-19 Super Spreader Day! (Formerly Thanksgiving)

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    This is my last comment. I promise. They are not carrying firearms and those aren’t long enough to be a walking stick, so what is it? Are they plumbers and that is some copper piping? Then again, maybe they are copper thieves trying to come up with diversion (a hairy potato moth attack) in order to cover up their copper pilfering. I don’t think I can sleep tonight. There are way too many ifs with today’s Frog Applause.

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    I’m having a problem letting this moth attack thing go. Why not rent a flamethrower? I don’t know if Mr. Iguana Pants is related or a neighbor or his tax accountant, but why put all of your hopes on the assumed pyrokinetic abilities of this person? Come prepared or trade that cereal-box telescope in for something that can KILL.