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  1. about 8 hours ago on Gary Varvel

    Perhaps it inspires him…

  2. about 13 hours ago on Gary Varvel

    Varvel has his face too close to #45’s posterior to see or think clearly!

  3. about 13 hours ago on Bob Gorrell

    Gorrell should be forced to transcribe [ in ‘cursive’ ] Jonathan Swan’s interview of #45! He might learn how incompetent #45 truly is! { But, then, he may not learn! } }

  4. about 13 hours ago on Chip Bok

    Has Bok’s opinion of #45 changed in the last few months?

    [ Perhaps 160,00+ needlessly premature COVID-19 deaths were a factor… ]

  5. about 13 hours ago on Lisa Benson

    The historical record on presidential executive orders clearly shows that Benson chooses to lie to promote #45! She, like #45, acts like the American people are stupid!

  6. 1 day ago on Kevin Kallaugher
    and LaPierre — ‘Cut’ from the same cloth?
  7. 1 day ago on Robert Ariail

    And yet the GOP still works toward his reelection!

  8. 1 day ago on Bob Gorrell

    Besides shilling for #45, Gorrell admires and copies his intellectual laziness!

  9. 1 day ago on Tim Campbell

    So, that’s why Sturgis was so crowded this past weekend!

  10. 2 days ago on Michael Ramirez

    Will Ramirez/Adelson still support #45 since #45 told Adelson that Adelson didn’t shovel enough $$ into #45’s ‘Campaign!’