The Big Picture by Lennie Peterson for March 22, 2019


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  1. Kat 1
    katina.cooper  over 1 year ago

    Nothing will change, except for the nostril, now on the left side of the nose. Other than that, nothing changed.

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  2. Missing large
    Glynn Echerd Premium Member over 1 year ago

    How many trombones do you have..

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  3. Img 7177  2
    SteveGSteveG Premium Member over 1 year ago

    You coulda brought your brass… You know, just for protection. Dolly can get pretty scary.

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  4. Missing large
    northernhelper Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Thank heavens one cartoonist didn’t sell out!!

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  5. Joliet jake blues
    Joliet Jake  over 1 year ago

    Well, looks like I’ve got another strip to add to my morning reading list! Thanks to Katina Cooper for mentioning it in the comments for Dysfunctional Family Circus Freaks!

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  6. Waldo
    Indianapolis Smith  over 1 year ago

    Does this mean you haven’t read our previous bon mots and insightful commentary?

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  7. Trump corona e8430e2b25d488c6a56e824d07211303d96f9834fdfbb02cd64936c44bd0c96e
    Teto85 Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Lennie can draw!!!!!

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  8. Scorpleopard
    Diana Gregory Premium Member over 1 year ago

    ROFL! Love it… 8-)

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  9. 100 6303
    Perkycat  over 1 year ago

    See you didn’t need all that armor and didn’t need to be sweating bullets. We are pussycats………..for the moment.

    I love this transitioning comic.

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  10. Image
    Newzy Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Music and art!? Your creative genes must be ginormous!

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  11. Missing large
    Sebec Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Since you are reading these… Thanks for the strips you ran just after the passing of Aretha Franklin. Well done.

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  12. Bangs
    leannwoo  over 1 year ago

    Welcome to the comments Lennie! :) I hope they are good to you.

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  13. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Could’ve been worse – you could’ve morphed into Ziggy or Sally Worth!

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  14. 79d68dcf 0aee 4f77 99e8 dda6cd0defe8 1 201 a
    Plods with ... Premium Member over 1 year ago

    As long as you don’t forget to include Ginger, Katina will be happy.

    Me? I’m happy you’re still doing the toon. Thanks!

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  15. Flintstone
    anarresa Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Welcome to the comments! Been a fan of the strip for years, glad to have it ramp back up.

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  16. Missing large
    banjinshiju  over 1 year ago

    Good morph job, Lenny.

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  17. Missing large Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Hi Lenny! I’ve been dying to ask you this. If, when you hear music, you see colors, could you draw a simple tune sometime soon? Something easy like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or “Beethoven’s 5th”? I’d love to see how musical notes render themselves in color.

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  18. Botanical flower iris blue 554x1024
    BlueIris Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Hi, Lennie! Glad that you’re going to be reading something other than those pesky e-mails!

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  19. Gregg
    tornadoprevention  over 1 year ago

    A trail pathway around Boston, visiting Mom’s favorite seashore spot and Ginger’s hallowed haunts

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  20. Youngferguson
    BWR  over 1 year ago

    When you’re listening to someone else play trombone, who do you like?

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  21. Missing large
    stillwaterart  over 1 year ago

    No change…. Same comic as yesterday

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