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  1. 30 minutes ago on Imagine This

    Clovis-Rex has been having many meals on his way to Pleasantville.Many police officers have been eaten. “They taste like bacon”, thought Clovis-Rex. “I wonder if Bacon will also taste like bacon”. He laughs and notices that he has shrunk about 10 feet. This makes him mad and he roars, opens his mouth and sprays flames all over a national park. He then grows that 10 feet back. Calvin now knows where he is. Hundreds of spacecraft from the planet Dorx are coming in to help Calvin. Many of them may not make it back home.

  2. about 8 hours ago on Yaffle

    Do they charge a gallon of milk for a ticket?

  3. about 8 hours ago on Nancy

    Sluggo, “Nancy, you should have looked behind you. Your aunt didn’t know about that stain till you opened your mouth”. Nancy, “Uh, can I stay at your place tonight”?

  4. about 8 hours ago on My Dad is Dracula

    And you can always lose your balance and “accidentaly” fall on somebody’s neck.

  5. about 8 hours ago on Liz Climo Cartoons

    Freddy sees lunch.

  6. about 8 hours ago on Imagine This

    Dewey is happy. Is that why you’re unhappy? Poor baby.

  7. about 8 hours ago on Emmy Lou

    He had hopes that you would also pay for his soda.

  8. about 8 hours ago on Deep Dark Fears

    And then, kitty cat eats his face.

  9. about 8 hours ago on Amanda the Great

    I see you gave in and frinally went and had some fun. Don’t worry. We’re still here.

  10. 1 day ago on Imagine This

    Roberta the Plant sees Dewey as he grows. He will be big enough in a few days to go after Clovis-Rex. Her only problem will be how to make him smaller after her defeats Clovis-Rex. Meanwhile, in Pleasantville, Calvin has started the spaceship. The aliens from the planet Dorx are waiting. Madelyn, Bacon and Celeste are discussing what songs to sing to Clovis-Rex. They hope that he is still afraid of those songs. Susie has put Hobbes behind Calvin so he can’t see Celeste. The aliens now have a position on Clovis-Rex. “We will defeat him”, they all yell.