Reality Check by Dave Whamond for May 12, 2019


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  1. Missing large
    whahoppened  3 months ago

    What? Cat mags the only ones nobody will run off with? Cat Picasso? Maybe this isn’t the right place.

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  2. Img 0359
    Gale Premium Member 3 months ago

    Picatso on the wall!

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  3. Leprechaun icon
    Zen-of-Zinfandel  3 months ago

    That’ll turn him into a cocky spaniel.

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  4. Hi
    Rose Madder Premium Member 3 months ago

    Is that like take 2 aspirins …

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  5. Missing large
    Lightpainter  3 months ago

    The dog wearing the cone will have a hard time licking anything

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  6. Song sparrow apr
    melospiza  3 months ago

    So funny! The best cartoon of my day!

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  7. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 3 months ago

    Except for the one whose owner’s don’t want him to father any more puppies…

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  8. The stinker
    cuzinron47  3 months ago

    The Vet could just rug some dirt on it.

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  9. Copy of msg apa181
    The Brooklyn Accent  3 months ago

    If the doctor says he’s going to fix you right up, get the hell out, pronto!

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  10. Missing large
    davidcdaniels9  3 months ago

    Gonna say, eat some grass and you’ll feel better.

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