Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for August 16, 2021

  1. Il palazzo
    zorak950  almost 3 years ago

    Let’s be real, Nancy will find an excuse no matter what you tell her.

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  2. Man with x ray glasses
    The Reader Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    Chore enough!

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  3. Nc201206
    some idiot from R'lyeh Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    Fritzi in panel the first is a mood.

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  4. Sixshotprofile
    Decepticomic  almost 3 years ago

    Nancy: “Why should I have to clean when you admitted you don’t like it either!”

    Fritzi: “Because I pay the bills. So either pay have the rent, or get back to work.”

    Problem solved.

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  5. Josh 1
    JoshHere  almost 3 years ago

    It sounds like a case of depression to me.

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  6. Kw eyecon 20190702 091103
    Kip Williams  almost 3 years ago

    “This is not my beautiful home!”

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  7. 690904ef 1e7c 4d36 a98a f46b185ca15f
    DCBakerEsq  almost 3 years ago

    Evil is as Evil does.

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  8. Taz by abovetheflames
    danketaz Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    Yeah, but she also liked that vase. Better cover it with a banana peel just to be safe.

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  9. Missing large
    InquireWithin  almost 3 years ago

    Fritzi is just a chore loser.

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  10. Dodge viper green 2
    rgcviper  almost 3 years ago

    Nice try, Fancy Nancy (as I found on Facebook tonight in some random post). Guess again.

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