Maria's Day by John Zakour and Scott Roberts for January 14, 2021


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  1. Missing large
    rekam Premium Member 3 months ago

    Very clever, Scott.

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  2. Missing large
    hfergus Premium Member 3 months ago

    Embrace the healing power of “and”. It’s lazy AND creative.

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  3. Man with x ray glasses
    The Reader Premium Member 3 months ago

    I’m melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!

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  4. Grandpa hef
    Jeff0811  3 months ago

    It’s what’s called “Bill Gates lazy”.

    Bill Gates is often credited with the quote, “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

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  5. Imagescasts1v2
    jeanie5448  3 months ago

    my kids made one of these once when there was not enough snow to stack up so they just made a few small lumps on the ground and put rocks and sticks in it to make a “Texas Snow” snow man.

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  6. Tintagel
    scottartist creator 3 months ago

    Maria doesn’t bother with lumps.

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  7. Capture  2017 12 17 08 45 35 2
    Nyckname Premium Member 3 months ago

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  8. Led001d
    Tentoes  3 months ago

    Death of a Snowman : Arthur Miller

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  9. Missing large
    raybarb44  3 months ago

    I go with creative……

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  10. Missing large
    pkdphd  3 months ago

    Don’t think Calvin ever came up with that one.

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  11. Missing large
    57BelAir  3 months ago

    I think now I understand the motivation (or lack of ) behind cubism.

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