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  1. about 12 hours ago on Working Daze

    I’ve been kinda sorta leaving the straps out for a while. Without them I can still color most faces in one click. With them, no less than three. When you’re trying to keep ahead, you leave out unnecessary details. It’s an an abstract style to begin with.

    I’m waiting to see when it feels right to drop the masks from the strip and show mouths again. Doing expressions with only the eyes visible has been an interesting challenge.

  2. about 14 hours ago on Maria's Day

    I’m 65, and still have fond memories of every library I knew. But probably most of all my elementary school library. Reading was still new, and there was so much to discover.

    Our parents read to us at bedtime, and there were always books around the house. Sure, the TV was on most of the time- but Mom and Dad each had one book or another perpetually by their favorite chair.

    I collect books, search for them all the time, and feel a day is wasted if I don’t get some reading time in. Shame reading is misunderstood by many, who seem to think it’s a snob thing. I suspect that many never get past thinking of reading as an assignment for which they’ll be graded. A chore. Another imagined effort by ‘elites’ to put them down. Some people waste a lot of time worrying about that.

    Mark Twain is quoted as saying (more or less) that person who won’t read is no better off than one who can’t read.

    But as for math word problems- brrrr. I wasn’t much good at those. I wasn’t made for math.

  3. about 14 hours ago on Mutt & Jeff

    The British Dennis actually earned the name ‘Menace.’ He was no cute kid who meant well but blundered because of naïveté. He was bad to the bone.

  4. about 14 hours ago on Working Daze

    Andy’s standards are well suited.

  5. 1 day ago on Mutt & Jeff

    That sounds like one of the collections of the original Lulu. as created by Marjorie Henderson Buell (Marge) That Lulu was a real threat. And it was a pantomime feature. Lulu didn’t speak until the Paramount/Famous Studios animated cartoons.

    She was later adapted for the comic book, by John Stanley. Initially she retained her nearly mouthless appearance, but when Irving Tripp came on as the artist, her appearance changed. The changes included the softening of her personality , and the shrinking of her hat- from one that actually fit her head to what looked like a little apple perched atop it.

    Like Bud Fisher- and Will Eisner- Marge was one of the first cartoonists to own the copyright to her own character, and she must have approved the changes Stanley made. Legend has it that she only ever vetoed one comic book story.

  6. 1 day ago on Working Daze

    Everything old is new again.

  7. 1 day ago on Working Daze

    Melvin was already spotted in Yellowstone, being attacked by a bear.

  8. 1 day ago on Mutt & Jeff

    Many cartoonists, though, came up with that same name, Witch Hazel. In addition to Lulu’s John Stanley, there was Chuck Jones and his WB animation team, and Will Eisner. I can’t recall right this moment the others, but it goes to show the risk of leaning on puns for names. It’s something I used to do extensively, and later backed away from, because it’s too easy to find out you’re the not nearly the first.

  9. 1 day ago on Working Daze

    I figure he was. Although Sue once showed up in bunny slippers. Her first cup of coffee hadn’t kicked in yet.

  10. 1 day ago on Working Daze

    Dag, so far as I’ve seen, is a real bit of slang. And, actually, Mr. Dithers has appeared here in a camera, kicking Ed. And Dagwood- or at least his hair- has been seen.