Jack Ohman for July 27, 2021

  1. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  6 months ago

    Um. Okay? Pretty weird.

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  2. Marvin the martian
    Fflashbang  6 months ago

    There’d be treason trials all day, every day followed by public executions. The Dems could learn from that lesson.

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  3. E067 169 48
    Darsan54 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Definitely fiction. Democrats are just generally more rational and emotionally mature than the GQP.

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  4. Missing large
    The Love of Money is . . .  6 months ago

    Let’s move on and watch The GQP go on a 7 week vacation. Surely they’re anxious to return home and have a town hall meeting to answer questions . . . . /S

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  5. Screen shot 2021 12 10 at 9.27.59 pm
    (๑❛ᴗ❛๑)  6 months ago

    Well thugs destroyed $2B worth of property and attacked a federal courthouse for 100+ days and dems bailed all of the criminals out of jail and no investigations started, so nope, repubs wouldn’t investigate zero arson committed and a bunch of people wondering around the capital.

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  6. Missing large
    Daeder  6 months ago

    ^Like a good lil’ cult minion, @KyrieEleison would like to change the subject if possible.

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  7. Screen shot 2021 12 10 at 9.27.59 pm
    (๑❛ᴗ❛๑)  6 months ago

    Also, this would never happen because Joe couldn’t get a crowd of 8 people to show up anywhere for him.

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  8. Ban crosscheck
    hermit48  6 months ago

    Still sucking on that “BIG LIE”, eh, KE?

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  9. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member 6 months ago

    The Republican Party of Trump does not do investigations.

    They do hearings, which they sometimes try to label as ‘investigations’. Those hearings are always done for political purposes.

    For example, they held 17 or 18 ‘investigations’ into Benghazi where they were livid and apoplectic over four American deaths. But then Kevin McCarthy admitted that ALL those hearings were done in order to attack Hillary.


    When confronted with five American deaths tied to the violent attempt to overthrow the government, Republicans sabotage all efforts to investigate.


    Republican reaction to 600,000 American deaths from covid? “We WANT them infected!”.

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  10. 7bf81e16 8ef8 4134 8774 9ce680cc41b6
    The Nodding Head  6 months ago

    Spot on

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  11. Screen shot 2020 12 01 at 8.14.28 am
    librarylady59  6 months ago

    As the old saying goes, getting liberals to agree is like herding cats. Independent, critical thinkers. Whereas, republicans toe the line of their leader so ripe for cult behavior.

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  12. Desron14
    Masterskrain Premium Member 6 months ago

    IN A HEARTBEAT!!! But, you have to remember that IOKIARDI.

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  13. 1664ff45 9205 4fd3 bed4 fa93500e117b
    rmfrye Premium Member 6 months ago

    Oh yeah.

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  14. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member 6 months ago

    Heck, Rand Paul already wants to execute Dr. Fauci!!!

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  15. Warning
    MontanaBill Premium Member 6 months ago

    It is an alternate reality to believe that Democrats care about American values, history, capitalism, freedoms, limited government.

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  16. Tor johnson
    William Bednar Premium Member 6 months ago

    Wait a minute! Where does Hunter fit into all this? According to the GOP, Hunter Biden is the cause of the Jan. 6, 2021 “pan-surrection”. You see, Republicans deliberately confuse “insurrection” with “pandemic”, in an effort to deflect attention from both, thus the new word “pansurrection”.

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  17. Screen shot 2020 08 09 at 8.39.11 am
    JoeBabbs  6 months ago

    Would they have investigated it as much as Benghazi? No. MORE!

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  18. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 6 months ago

    Silly question wabbit. They are in fact investigating it in all the red states with the sham recounts.

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  19. Wtp
    superposition  6 months ago

    Isn’t it odd how all group-loyal, purified, “Republicans” — who in lockstep, ostracize individualistic members, e.g. Cheney — uniformly claim that rejecting vaccines is an individual choice?

    Isn’t it delusional to think that leaderless liberals — e.g. Occupy Wall Street — would ever find insurrection inspiration in a Republican-lite moderate like Joe?

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  20. Missing large
    David Riedel Premium Member 6 months ago


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  21. Database download 512
    jader3rd  6 months ago

    What needs to happen is for McCarthys constituents to call him up and demand that he work with Pelosi on the commission, so that way we all can find out that it was actually undercover Antifa the whole time.

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  22. Img 20160916 201924 processed
    Lee Grupsmith  6 months ago

    What would be to investigate? All of them would be dead or in prison.

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  23. Missing large
    ferddo  6 months ago

    GQPs investigate Dems for everything that alt-rights do…

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  24. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 6 months ago
    DC cop reveals how pro-Trump mob tried to ‘convert us to their cult’ during the Capitol insurrection

    A District of Columbia police officer repeatedly expressed his astonishment that Donald Trump rioters tried to convince law enforcement to join their effort to overturn the election.

    “As we came close to the terrorist our line was divided and we came under attack,” Hodges testified. “A man attempted to rip the baton from my hands and we wrestled for control. I retained my weapon, he yelled at me, ’You’re on the wrong team.’ Cut off from my leadership, which is at the front of our formation, we huddled up and assessed the threat surrounding us. One man tried and failed to build a rapport with me, shouting, ‘Are you my brother?’ Another shouting, ‘You will die on your knees.’”

    “The sea of people was punctuated throughout by flags, mostly variations of American flags and Trump flags,” he said. “There was Gadsden flags — it was clear the terrorists perceived themselves to be Christians. I saw the Christian flag directly to my front, another read ‘Jesus is my savior, Trump is my president.’ Another, ‘Jesus is king.’ One flag read, ’Don’t give up the ship.’ Another had cross-rifles beneath a skull emblazoned with the pattern of the American flag. To my perpetual confusion I saw the ‘thin blue line’ flag, the symbol of support for law enforcement, more than once being carried by the terrorists as they ignored our commands and continued to assault us.”

    “The terrorists alternated between attempt to go break our defense and shouting at or attempting to convert us,” Hodges said. "Men alleging to be veterans told us how they had fought for this country and were fighting for it again. One man tried to start a chant of ‘four more years.’ Another shouted do not attack us, we are not Black Lives Matter.

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  25. Missing large
    Not the Smartest Man On the Planet -- Maybe Close Premium Member 6 months ago

    There would have been nothing to investigate. A gathering of concerned citizens who would have dispersed as soon as they were told.

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  26. Jock
    Godfreydaniel  6 months ago

    I see the brain-destroyed (not merely damaged!) dishonest trolls are at it again. Congratulations to rational posters for (mostly) ignoring the damn things. (I myself have slipped up and occasionally replied to trolls, but I try not to. Not much point shooting tadpoles in a tin can.

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  27. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 6 months ago

    ‘We’ve lost the line’: Harrowing video released during first Jan. 6 committee hearing

    “Ok guys, apparently the tip of the spear has entered the Capitol building,” an insurrectionist said on their communications channel.

    “We have been flanked and we’ve lost the line,” an officer said.

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  28. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 6 months ago

    ‘This is how I’m going to die’: Officers describe horrors of Jan. 6 riot

    “Some people are trying to deny what happened — to whitewash it, to turn the insurrectionists into martyrs,” Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), chair of the panel, said in his opening statement. “But the whole world saw the reality of what happened on January 6. The hangman’s gallows sitting out there on our National Mall. The flag of that first failed and disgraced rebellion against our union, being paraded through the Capitol.”

    Cheney said the panel should pursue every facet of the facts about Jan. 6 but also dig into “every minute of that day in the White House,” a subtle but unmistakable shot at the former president who she lost her GOP leadership spot for criticizing.

    “I have been a conservative Republican since 1984,” Cheney said, and has “disagreed sharply on policy and politics” with all Democratic members of the select panel, but “in the end we are one nation under God.”

    “Every one of us on the dais voted for and would have preferred that these matters be investigated” by an independent, bipartisan commission, she added. While 35 House Republicans supported legislation to create such an inquiry into the riot, Senate Republicans blocked it from passage.

    Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, who immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic, said he was “more afraid” on Jan. 6 than he was during his entire deployment in Iraq. He “didn’t recognize” the rioters on Jan. 6 and was “shocked” to see rioters use the American flag that “they claimed they sought to protect," he said, wiping away tears from his face.

    What officers were subjected to resembled “a medieval battle,” Gonell said. “I could feel myself losing oxygen” and “thinking to myself this is how I’m going to die” as he was crushed by rioters, he added.

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  29. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 6 months ago

    Texas GOP House speaker issues arrest warrant for Democrat who fled state after return

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  30. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 6 months ago

    Capitol cop praised for mic drop answer on why he refers to pro-Trump rioters as ‘terrorists’

    Responding to a question from Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) about his use of the term “terrorists” to describe the followers of former president Donald Trump who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th, Capitol policeman Daniel Hodges read the definition of “terrorism” into the record to the applause of viewers watching the House hearing.

    Hodges, who was filmed during the riot being crushed between doors as he defended lawmakers on that day, told the Democratic lawmaker, “I can see why someone would take issue with the title of terrorist, it’s gained a lot of notoriety in our vocabulary in the past few decades … But I came prepared.”

    Following his reading of the definition, commenters rushed to Twitter to praise his performance and for his setting the record straight.

    terrorist[ˈterərəst]NOUNa person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.“four commercial aircraft were hijacked by terrorists” · [more]synonyms:bomber · arsonist · incendiary · gunman · assassin · desperado · hijacker · [more]ADJECTIVEunlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.“a terrorist organization” · [more]

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  31. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 6 months ago

    A group of Republican lawmakers now want to openly defend the Capitol rioters

    Instead of working to uncover and piece together all the information about what happened on Jan. 6, including what led up to the attempted coup, four GOP representatives – Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene – will hold a press conference on the “treatment” of the January 6 “prisoners,” suggesting they are “political prisoners,” which is false.

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  32. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 6 months ago

    Newsmax cuts away from Officer Fanone’s testimony and airs guest blaming ‘BLM and antifa’ for Capitol riot

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  33. Eye of ra
    I C U   6 months ago

    And, as Chairman Mao taught us: “Political power emanates from the barrel of a gun.”

    Lets face it, Rabid dog Repubtards are way better armed than liberals and much more likely to kill you if you disagree with them.

    Just ask Kyle Rittenhouse.

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