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Superposition: In any network with 2 or more sources, the current or voltage for any component is the algebraic sum of the effects produced by each source acting separately. The superposition of forces in a mechanical/electrical network results in compromise and allows the building of better bridges and interfaces. Using one ideology is like using half of a pair of pliers to grasp something. My avatar represents the % of approval, by party, that our congress enjoys. John Adams wrote in a letter in 1780: "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution." "I was no party man myself, and the first wish of my heart was, if parties did exist, to reconcile them." GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to Thomas Jefferson, July 6, 1796.

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  1. about 9 hours ago on Doonesbury

    google “How to Pronounce Buttigieg”

  2. about 11 hours ago on Doonesbury

    As of October 2017, Gallup polling found that 31% of Americans identified as Democrat, 24% identified as Republican, and 42% as Independent was what I was using as reference, and although 28 states still allow registration by party, unaffiliated/independent is still the preference.

    It seems to be the combined effort of the two minority parties (that insist on being called majorities) that block 3rd parties at the state level.

  3. about 13 hours ago on Steve Breen

    And you can replace doctors and lawyers with computers … the computers can show images of diseases and remedies, show videos of how to do surgeries, and computers have much better memories than most lawyers that we know. Plus, we can get that really smart kid in high school to do all the programming.

    Think of all the money we could save if we shut down NASA and all the national laboratories.We won’t even need military research if everyone carries a gun.

  4. about 13 hours ago on Doonesbury

    What a political system we have: where the vast majority of voters register as unaffiliated/independent as they cannot wholeheartedly trust either party to do the right things, have no real candidate/representatives that support their middle-class, wage-earner or small business views, and end up choosing the least evil (they hope) from one of the two extravagantly funded (corporations and wealthy families), mutually exclusive, highly partisan, minority parties. What could possibly go wrong?

  5. about 14 hours ago on Steve Breen

    Common core was essentially the equivalent of what the foreign students were studying that we were not. It would have made us competitive if the teachers were properly trained to implement it. Far too much money is spent at the administrative level and nowhere near enough is spent on training and updating the skills of the classroom teachers. I find far too many US college freshmen in need of remedial help compared to international students and it can be traced back to their elementary school experience with e.g. quantity of homework replacing quality training in critical thinking. We need to get serious and involved in correcting the problem not just throwing money at it … which always seems to rise to the top.

  6. about 16 hours ago on Doonesbury

    What do you expect when the only job requirements are age and citizenship/ We could fix that, but we don’t … because???

  7. about 17 hours ago on Ted Rall

    There seems to be a scarcity of leaders, who can inspire Congress and the American people to work together.

  8. about 20 hours ago on Tom Toles

    This is what can happen when a disproportionate EC overrides what we the people actually voted for.

  9. 1 day ago on Views of the World

    Likewise, the best way to disrupt the extreme right authoritarian Republican party would be to join it in mass numbers and infect it with democracy from the inside.

  10. 1 day ago on ViewsBusiness

    What many in the US are not noticing is the anti-western attitude has shifted from the mid-east to the east. Both Russia and China are actively (but in different ways) expanding their influence in growing economies. And there is no way we can rapidly replace the global supply line and services we have come to depend on. We need more techies in government and fewer career politicians.