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Superposition: In any network with 2 or more sources, the current or voltage for any component is the algebraic sum of the effects produced by each source acting separately. The superposition of forces in a mechanical/electrical network results in compromise and allows the building of better bridges and interfaces. Using one ideology is like using half of a pair of pliers to grasp something. My avatar represents the % of approval, by party, that our congress enjoys. John Adams wrote in a letter in 1780: "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution." "I was no party man myself, and the first wish of my heart was, if parties did exist, to reconcile them." GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to Thomas Jefferson, July 6, 1796.

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  1. 6 minutes ago on Prickly City

    It’s become obvious when no matter how unscrupulous/seditious Trump’s crimes are they will not judge him for his criminal behavior for fear of offending the cult members. While Trump may lie, cheat, steal, and even murder [through negligence/incompetence/apathy] he will be acquitted, not punished for his proven impeachment charges.

  2. about 5 hours ago on Prickly City

    Are we ever going to fix the flaws and loopholes in our government OR is our dysfunctional political system content with being able to exploit those flaws and loopholes when it’s their turn to hold office?

    Will America ever be progressive again?

    Will both parties continue on a conservative/conservative-lite, status-quo, downward spiral … until we become a third world nation?

  3. about 6 hours ago on Prickly City

    FYI re Washington Examiner:

    “Overall, we rate the Washington Examiner Right Biased based on editorial positions that almost exclusively favor the right and Mixed for factual reporting due to several failed fact checks.”


  4. about 6 hours ago on Clay Bennett

    The state of Oregon’s “Republican” party is currently exposing the evil Democrats’ false flag operation in DC on Jan 6 to try to make the “Republican” party and Trump look bad … when they did “nothing wrong”.

    (Does sedition have a different meaning for “Republicans”?)

  5. about 7 hours ago on Clay Bennett

    The cracian-ceramic movement (cracian: old English, crack; ceramic: pot) has taken over a large portion of the diploma-divided electorate.

  6. about 7 hours ago on Clay Jones

    Does anyone else see a danger in a political movement that abhors trust, respect, civility, math, science, discussion, deliberation, cooperation, compromise, consensus, separation of church and state, equal rights/justice for all, and transparent/full-electorate/unrestricted-access/un-gerrymandered/fair/honest elections?

  7. about 7 hours ago on Lisa Benson

    A c̲o̲n̲s̲e̲r̲v̲a̲t̲i̲v̲e̲ analysis from Forbes:

    " … most experts, including those in charge of some of the world’s major oil and gas companies, agree that such a transition is inevitable, given that most of the world’s nations have committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The only question is whether the transition will take place over the next several decades or more abruptly, by as early as 2030, as proponents of the Green New Deal advocate.

    Two recent studies that compare traditional fossil fuel energy jobs with those in the renewable energy industry arrive at slightly different conclusions. Clean Jobs, Better Jobs, released last week by a coalition of clean energy groups, finds that clean energy jobs are more likely to come with better benefits than jobs across the rest of the private sector, and pay as well as or slightly better than fossil fuel jobs.

    “The median hourly wages for clean energy jobs overall are about 25 percent higher than the national median wage,” the study found. Compared with jobs in the coal, natural gas and petroleum industries, which pay about $24.37 an hour, jobs in solar and wind pay about $24.85 an hour, while jobs in the energy efficiency—the biggest employer in America’s energy sector—come with median salaries of about $24.44. …"


  8. about 9 hours ago on Clay Bennett

    Power-seekers/control-freaks often have mastered the stories/techniques to get to the top slot in an organization … but not the competence once they’re “in-charge”.

  9. about 10 hours ago on Clay Jones

    Now to tear out and disintegrate the anti-science, anti-statistics, anti-logic, anti-civility, anti-democratic, anti-Constitutional, anti-religious-freedom, anti-minority, anti-American, bigots, from Congress and the media. Unfounded, conspiracy-theory-based, denial is not an acceptable way to govern a republic.

  10. about 11 hours ago on Signe Wilkinson

    Basically the AP report on the status of the Pfizer vaccine agreement, creating the perception of scarcity and unmanaged “do your own thing” control of distribution.