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  1. about 9 hours ago on Steve Kelley

    Curse people for not conforming to the values we insist on imposing on them!

  2. about 9 hours ago on Gary Varvel

    Can people also choose to travel wherever they wish to get whatever medical care they desire?

  3. about 9 hours ago on Michael Ramirez

    Conservatives are always eager to overoveroverspend on the military.

  4. about 9 hours ago on Clay Jones

    Pretty good summary of mainstream Republicanism.

  5. about 9 hours ago on John Deering

    A little too complimentary to the crowd but acceptable

  6. 1 day ago on Lisa Benson

    Law and Order Conservatives believe that tax laws are for suckers. Ignoring, skirting, and breaking those laws is admirable. See, for example, the adoration of The Deceitful Dodger, tax scofflaw. You and I paid more taxes on our modest incomes than he and his tainted brood did for many years.

  7. 1 day ago on Lisa Benson

    John, the IRS agent, would work on a case for years. But he was dedicated—he felt that the rich should pay their fair share. Republicans apparently think that the wealthy will adhere to an honor system. The rest of us can’t afford the camouflage and offshore trickery—our income and records are readily accessible.

  8. 1 day ago on Lisa Benson

    I knew a high-level IRS auditor. He went after the high level targets—big companies, the very wealthy. One of our accounting professors told me that he was well known—and feared. And when he retired, he was not replaced.

    Easier to audit the middle class—it can be done largely by computers.

  9. 2 days ago on Gary Varvel

    What is the Republican strategy? What has always not worked: cut taxes and spend more.

  10. 2 days ago on Matt Davies

    He still has a following. There are people who prefer loudness, aggression, lunacy, arrogance, and meanness to reason. They are called “MAGA Republicans.”