Gil Thorp by Neal Rubin and Rod Whigham for November 10, 2017


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  1. Missing large
    kdizzle  over 3 years ago

    You mean Rick was so into his singing he didn’t notice the “two video cameras” his uncle arranged?None of the kids in P2 were at the homecoming game?

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  2. Missing large
    dutchpuppy  over 3 years ago

    Panel three! The “auto-tune” controversy is about to erupt!!!

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  3. 5v65o35x13n83of3pfbaq59a7b680210e10f0
    TheBrownStarfish  over 3 years ago

    P1, To quote you from 11/6/17, Rick(ey), “That’s why we all have cell phones.”

    P2, Again?!?

    P3, Sad eyed Rick(ey) knows he’s going to have to pancake Uncle Tonoose to make him stop.

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  4. Missing large
    Mr Reality  over 3 years ago

    In all reality , P 1 What is this , it’s a cell phone you idiot !

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  5. 2015 wku chf golf scramble
    bearwku82  over 3 years ago

    P1- The Aliens provide more lumens than a Porter Wagoner sequined suit. P2- Who brings a canteen to school? P3- Feeling down ‘n’ dirty, feeling kinda mean. I’ve been from one to another extreme.This time I had a good time, ain’t got time to wait.I wanna stick around till I can’t see straight. Fill my cloudy eyes with that double vision.

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  6. 4e1d944c943bb96ecefc5871106b114a
    James St. John Smythe  over 3 years ago

    P1: “What is this?” By the look of it, a MLE sanctioned submarine sandwich eating challenge. I wonder if Joey Chestnut was there.

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  7. Milford
    miffedmax  over 3 years ago

    If he sounds better on phone speakers than he did on the field, I’m glad I missed it.

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  8. Missing large
    sweetg1  over 3 years ago

    It wasn’t hard for me to find either. I just tapped some keys…

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  9. Missing large
    chiphilton  over 3 years ago

    Next thing we know, Rick Soto CDs and tapes will be popping up on MeTV and AntennaTV commercials, right after the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ads. That’s some demographic Uncle Gary is capturing.

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  10. Bitsy twill update
    bitsy twill  over 3 years ago

    So there’s a website that has videos of random kids singing the “Star Spangled Banner”? And there are a group of x-Marines who check for new content every day and actually watch all of the videos of random kids singing the “Star Spangled Banner” and share the best ones with their buddies? This is more confusing than that panel with Rick standing perfectly centered on the 50-yard-line.

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  11. Download
    Irish53  over 3 years ago

    Yesterday, he had a gallon of milk and an apple on his tray but today it looks like he has a burger; did he swallow the apple whole and gulp the milk since yesterday?

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  12. Luhm 2 27 10
    Mopman  over 3 years ago

    P3 – Really? Why would he say that? Like, every kid in the nation is online somewhere, or trying to get their videos/pictures/whatever online. And speaking of online, Friday’s Mopped Up Thorp is finally online.

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