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  1. about 1 hour ago on Gil Thorp

    Great movie! I love the Alec Baldwin beat-down

  2. about 1 hour ago on Gil Thorp

    And he will also be throwin’ in big time stuff too like State Champ Gil Thorp coffee mugs, baseball hats, t-shirts, and baby onesies

  3. about 8 hours ago on Dilbert Classics

    Same thing happened to me at a trade show in Chicago years ago over an electric extension cord. Guy said I was taking food out of his kids mouths. I told him he was doing the same to me and technically, he was there to work for us, not the other way around and that I had called for an extension cord over three hours ago and couldn’t wait any longer. He threatened to close our booth down but nothing happened. This is why a lot of shows left Chicago for awhile…because of these trade unions trying to shove people around who were paying big $$ to be there (and keep them working a nice gig as well)

  4. about 9 hours ago on Gil Thorp

    So, now Vicky D is discriminating against those students who have yet to obtain their driver’s licenses?

  5. 1 day ago on Gil Thorp

    For Gil, this time of year, yes…basketball comes first since it’s a fact that Gil will happily go ahead and pull kids out of class to quiz them on stuff that has nothing to do with their schoolwork. It’s football first in the fall and baseball first in the spring

  6. 1 day ago on Gil Thorp

    P 2.5: “….and remember your contract Vic…..don’t become another annoying character in this strip…we’ve already got enough of those…”

  7. 1 day ago on Gil Thorp

    and cheap-shot the stars of the other team to take their mind off the game

  8. 1 day ago on Gil Thorp

    Why is the machine talking to him? Is it some sort of robot serving up wise-a$$ comments along with food?

  9. 1 day ago on Gil Thorp

    Oh? Frankfurters now? I thought that all they served at MHS was mushy hot dogs

  10. 2 days ago on Gil Thorp

    P 2: “….and Heeeeeere’s Johnny….”