Bob Gorrell for October 21, 2019


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  1. Inbound to iraq  2
    Scoutmaster77  10 months ago

    Trump is still a coward, rolling over fer any dictator.

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  2. E067 169 48
    Darsan54 Premium Member 10 months ago

    DT has really got blood on his hands now. Big time ethnic cleansing.

    But there are good people on both sides.

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  3. Missing large
    lopaka  10 months ago

    You most likely got a bullet in you for being the best ally in the Isis fight. Thank the trumpster for this.

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  4. Missing large
    jmworacle  10 months ago

    Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” must be required reading for ALL politicians. There need to be a better way to help the Kurds.

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  5. B3b2b771 4dd5 4067 bfef 5ade241cb8c2
    cdward  10 months ago

    And what were his words? The area had to be “cleaned out.” Might as well have said “cleansed.”

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  6. Missing large
    Gary Williams Premium Member 10 months ago

    They got more thna that they got betrayed and murdered.

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  7. Missing large
    Daeder  10 months ago

    Are you finally ready to admit that we need to get him out of office, Bob?

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  8. Picture
    EdMeiller Premium Member 10 months ago

    So everyone is supposed to ‘get over it’.

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  9. 89738c00 a0c6 4a06 95bb 3f32e1b6d158
    quixotic1  10 months ago

    Why anyone would expect trump to behave honorably, or even sanely, at this point is crazy in itself. No ally is going to trust us not to betray them. Trump has largely squandered the goodwill this country has amassed, and for nothing but his own impulsive ego. His supporters bear full responsibility.

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  10. Pat new 150
    Patjade Premium Member 10 months ago

    I thought all they got was losing their homes, land, and lives in a bloody genocide. All because they believed Trump and his lies.

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  11. 7a3d35b05103496eecec311170ba260d
    Pickled Pete  10 months ago

    Why not a MAGA shirt?

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  12. Missing large
    Vidrinath Premium Member 10 months ago

    They didn’t get a T shirt Bob. They got a meh cartoonist to use them for some $$ who will then donate to the GOP to do it again.

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  13. Gradinggorrell 01
    GradingGorrell  10 months ago

    Same tshirt with arms behind back as:

    The head comes from your illegal immigrant character:

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  14. 300px little nemo 1906 02 11 last panel
    lonecat  10 months ago

    The callous inhumanity of Trump leaves me aghast. What Erdogan is doing amounts to war crimes; people are dying because of Trump’s withdrawal. Trump doesn’t care. He just makes pathetic jokes and patently false claims.

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  15. Missing large
    Judge Magney  10 months ago

    They didn’t just get a T-shirt. Benedict Donald hand-painted a bulls-eye on the back.

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  16. Picture4
    #Rad-ish  Premium Member 10 months ago

    Republicans will betray you is the message.

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  17. Missing large
    buckman-j  10 months ago

    Someone stole Bob’s Kool-Aid again

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  18. Missing large
    gammaguy  10 months ago

    US Constitution, Article III, Section 3. begins:

    “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

    The Constitution doesn’t define “Enemies”, but I would argue that any organization or group which has sworn to destroy the United States — and ISIS has sworn to destroy all non-ISIS authorities, but principally and especially the U.S. — qualifies. And Trump’s pullout has most certainly given ISIS “Aid and Comfort”.

    Compared to that, the Ukraine scandal and even emoluments are “small fish”. Trump’s impeachment should include a charge of Treason, for which he should then be tried and convicted… and maybe even hung.

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  19. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 10 months ago

    You are one of the lucky ones then.. Most of your kin will get a bullet in the back as they are forced to run away.

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  20. Missing large
    halvincobbes Premium Member 10 months ago

    I don’t see how you can equate a t-shirt with genocide. But also, ISIS was not defeated in the first place.

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  21. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  10 months ago

    Oh, who cares, right, Mr. Gorrell? I mean, where were the Kurds when Washington was retaking our airfields from the British during World War Revolution?! Besides, they never let Trump build any towers on their land like how Erdogan did!

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  22. Marx lennon
    charliekane  10 months ago

    He took the shirt back.

    After all, they were well paid, and knew what they were getting into..

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  23. Fighting irish hood auto decal 2000x
    ndblackirish97  10 months ago

    Even when Trump is out of office it’s going to be some time before another country or ethnic group in a repressed country will consider an alliance with us.

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  24. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  10 months ago

    “Defeat”? It was just a set-back as far as I can tell. Because “our” pee-resident gave it away.

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  25. Marx.
    DeepState  10 months ago

    I’ll bet they didn’t even get a T-shirt….

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  26. Missing large
    XtopherSD  10 months ago

    Come on Gorrell, be honest. The t-shirt should say “… all we got was a bullet to the head”!

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  27. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  10 months ago

    By the way, Trump wants the shirts back.

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  28. Tor johnson
    William Bednar Premium Member 10 months ago

    Hey, you got more then our soldiers got. All they got was a tour of Iraq..

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