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  1. about 10 hours ago on Bob Gorrell


    same donkey with his hand over his heart as

    flipped horizontally

    Giant red letters have been used before:

    so now you think Trump’s attempt to steal an election is something to joke about? The disinformation the right echoed about the election being ‘stolen’ was dangerous. It led to a terrorist attack that killed 5 people.

    but no, let’s talk about ‘cancel culture’

    Let’s start with Colin Kaepernick

    remember that time you wanted to cancel Nike over their Colin Kaepernick ad?

    or how the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette fired cartoonist Rob Rogers for doing too many cartoons that were critical of Trump and then replacing him with right wing cartoonist Steve Kelley

    or how your own party is trying to silence anyone critical of Trump:

    or when Trump banned trans people from serving in the military and the current GOP effort to oppose the equality act:

    CoNsErVaTiVeS vOiCeS aRe BeInG sIleNcEd!

    meanwhile the top 10 performing facebook posts are all mostly conservatives

    1. Franklin Graham2. Fox News3. Ben Shapiro4. Dan Bongino5. Dinesh D’Souza6. Graham Allen7. Cuteness overload8. Fox News9. Ben Shapiro10. Dan Bongino

    or how your side now has 3 propaganda networks(FOXNEWS, Newsmax, and OANN)

    The right has no platform, no agenda, no plans, just constant whining and playing victim.

  2. 1 day ago on Bob Gorrell


    An actual new drawing of Biden.

    the Obama logo glasses have been used before

    Which is it Gorrell? is Biden a centerist like Obama, or a radical communist? He can’t be both.

    Comparing Biden to Obama isn’t the insult you think it is, especially after your guy incited a domestic terror attack on our Capitol, and his incompetence lead to the deaths of over half a million Americans.

    oh but he wants to maybe raise the minimum wage to $15/hour!! so radical! Working 40 hours a week and earning enough to not live in poverty? Not having to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet? Won’t somebody please think of the poor CEO who might have to forgo his 5th yacht?

  3. 6 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    without the text at the bottom or @patjade ‘s explanation, I would have thought this was an advertisement for Keith Knight’s Woke on hulu

    Woke-a-cola has been done before:

    are those on the right who are outraged by this mad about being told to confront their own unconscious biases, or are they just using the slide that says “try to be less white” to once again play the victim and claim that it’s actually white people that are being discriminated against.

    I’m curious how many talented cartoonists of color have been rejected by Gocomics, while Gorrell is able to stay syndicated putting in the bare minimum of effort.

  4. 7 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    same doctor with the blurry legs as:

    same curtains and floor as:

    maze kinda looks like this although the top right of Gorrell’s is cut off from the rest of the maze:

    Biden inherited no vaccine plan. Trump’s plan was to send the vaccines to states, and leave it up to the governors to do whatever, which lead to some like Ron Desantis distributing the vaccine to wealthier portions of Florida and locations of his biggest donors.

    also it was Biden who secured a purchase of 200 million more vaccine doses:

    and not President “i’m good at business” who passed on buying more Covid vaccines when he had the chance.

  5. 8 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    Literally the same 2 panel donkey at a podium holding a piece of paper cartoon as:

    just with the year updated.

    after kind of admitting the GOP knew Trump was guilty of inciting the 1/6 attack

    Gorrell has walked it back with some more “whataboutism”

    Stop trying to excuse the 1/6 domestic terror attack by pointing to the protests over police violence last year. They aren’t the same. for one, Democrats immediately denounced any violence that happened.

    The right wing media tried to blame the left for the events of 1/6, after they spent the summer replaying any riot footage they could get their hands on to blame the left for the violence during the George Floyd protests, when in reality far right groups were responsible:

    the Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol building on 1/6 are guilty. They documented their own crimes on facebook and twitter.

  6. 11 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    this looks like a photoshopped picture of a microphone, and it doesn’t even look like Limbaugh’s ‘iconic’ microphone

    Let’s celebrate the man who helped brainwash an entire generation of Americans:,via%20immersion%20in%20their%20broadcasts.

  7. 13 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    same donkey in a bow tie as:

    After yesterday’s Mitch McConnell-esque “Republicans knew Trump was responsible for the 1/6 terrorist attack, but still voted to acquit” cartoon, Gorrell is back to “any talk of holding Trump accountable in any way = THEY ARE OBSESSED!!! HOW DARE THEY WANT A 9/11 STYLE COMMISSION TO INVESTIGATE 1/6!!”

    “Democrats are obsessed with Trump!” -says the party still sucking up to Trump now that he’s left office, because they are terrified that if they cross him, Trump will turn his base against them.

    Gorrell is ignoring of course that the Democrats ultimately chose not to drag out the impeachment trial with witnesses, and is pretending that Democrats don’t already have bills they want to pass.

  8. 14 days ago on Bob Gorrell

    you’ve done plenty of cartoons about ‘extremists’ on the left who want to… give people healthcare, a living wage, and gasp a habitable planet(oh the horror!):

    but you’ve only done one about the extremists on your side:

    extremists who stormed the capital wanting to install Trump as a dictator.

  9. 14 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    after drawing a paper bag yesterday, Gorrell reuses the elephant holding a piece of paper from

    you furthered Trump’s big lie that the election was stolen from him, by furthering trying to say that the mail-in-ballots that weren’t allowed (by republican state legislatures)to be counted until late into election night were somehow not legal

    it wasn’t until after republicans lost the Georgia runoff election that you said ‘enough’ of ’Trump’s craziness’. lies would have been a better word, but okay.

    after the domestic terrorist attack on January 6th you drew some burnt matches:

    hardly a strong condemnation, especially compared to how you treated the Black Lives Matter Protesters

    or Hillary Clinton

    and only that one cartoon about the attack on January 6th. You then decided to complain about big tech canceling conservatives, when what they were actually doing was banning extremists who violated their terms of service of not threatening violence.

    and then another ‘conservatives are being silenced’

    followed by some ‘whataboutism’ instead of denouncing the extremists in your party.

    and finally whining that impeachment is a threat to unity

    as others have already pointed out, you don’t get to suddenly pretend you are above all this. You helped.

  10. 19 days ago on Bob Gorrell

    2 and 14

    same big red impeach as:

    Biden at podium from:

    just without the piece of paper

    Gorrell most likely did this cartoon before watching a single second from yesterday’s trial. Like the rest of the GOP in the senate, Gorrell’s mind it made up

    If we can’t all agree that attempting a coup is bad, then there can be no unity.

    again I’ll remind you about that cartoon you did of Hillary with blood on her hands from Benghazi:

    Trump incited an insurrection where his followers wanted to hang his own vice president for refusing to help Trump steal the election, and your response was some burnt matches:

    Gorrell and the GOP calling for ‘unity’ after 4 years of “*&$@ your feelings,” “the press is the enemy of the people”, democrats are all radical left wing socialists, build a wall, lock her (Hillary) up, etc.

    what exactly did Trump or McConnell do in the last 4 years to unify the country? It’s only when democrats are in power that unity or the deficit matter to the GOP.

    some other BIG WORD small character cartoons: