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  1. 4 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    same needle as:

    Uncle Sam appears to be new

    If yesterday’s cartoon had a pro-vaccine message, it was IMMEDIATELY undercut by this one.

    “the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will issue a rule using emergency authority in the coming weeks to require employers with more than 100 employees to ensure their workers get vaccinated or get tested weekly.


    No one is being forced to get the vaccine, you have the option of being tested every week.

    We wouldn’t need these mandates if you and the right wing media hadn’t spent this entire pandemic playing it down, and spreading disinformation, and instead encouraged their audience to get the vaccine and to wear masks until we slow the spread.

    Nurses are hitting their breaking point:

    “People will come in and say, ’You’ll put me in the ground before you’ll vaccinate me.’ And then they get their wish,” she said. "Now you’ve turned something from your problem into my problem.

    “I’m going to have to be the one to watch you slowly die over the next few weeks. I have to be the one to hold your wife’s hand. I have to field your family’s calls. People say ‘my body, my choice,’ but you’re not going to have to be the one that puts that body in a body bag.”

    “Health care providers never got a break,” McDeavitt says. “We’ve had nurses say, ‘I quit; I’m going home; I can’t do this anymore.’ We’re seeing people just resign because they’ve had enough.”

    This is the result of right wing disinformation.

  2. 5 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    earth image from:

    similar to this stock photo:

    I have no idea what Gorrell is trying to say with this, but it’s weak.

    Seriously, just directly tell your audience, who have been fed disinformation around Covid for months by Foxnews, the former president, and facebook, to go out and get vaccinated already!

    doctors and nurses are dealing with full ICUs, thanks to the unvaccinated, and are desperate for people to get vaccinated and wear masks, and this is the best you can do to help them?

    Retire Gorrell

  3. 6 days ago on Bob Gorrell

    2005: no 9/11 cartoon

    2006: grainy silhouette photo of skyline and towers burning with the word “remember.”

    2007: the abbreviation “Sept.” and 11 as the towers

    2008: the Iraq exit plan is Afghanistan

    2009: grainy photo of towers from low angle with the word “remember”

    2010: no 9/11 cartoon

    2011: a grainy photo of New York skyline with scribbled in smoke

    2012: similar photo of a flag at half staff with “remember”

    2013: 9/11 but with the circle in the 9 as the pentagon and the 11 as the towers

    2014: was ISIS responsible for 9/11?

    2015: vacation repeat of 2013

    2016: no 9/11 cartoon

    2017: no 9/11 cartoon

    2018: 9/ and then two towers as the 11

    2019: no 9/11 cartoon

    2020: no 9/11 cartoon

  4. 7 days ago on Bob Gorrell

    you have done cartoons giving people reasons to question the experts:

    you claimed mask mandates are tyranny:

    you questioned Dr. Fauci’s credibility:

    you mocked Joe Biden for setting an example by wearing a mask even after being vaccinated (to protect the unvaccinated and children)

    you compared businesses asking for proof of vaccinations or negative covid tests to the Holocaust:

    you tried to blame rising Covid cased on immigrants:

    you criticized teachers for wanting to make sure their classrooms were safe by requiring teachers to get vaccinated and for students to wear masks

    you did one cartoon that just shows a vaccine as the 1 in 2021:

    this is one of the few cartoons where Gorrell did suggest people wear a mask, but wrapped it in a joke, so his audience could look at it an ignore it:

    remember when only 140,000 Americans were dead from Covid?

    Gorrell tried to make a joke about democrats wearing a mask to pass a huge spending bill that helped average Americans after the Trump administration crashed the economy due to his failure to lead in a crisis.

    remember this one where you said thank you to doctors, nurses, and essential workers?

    Are you still grateful to them? what are you doing to help overworked doctors and nurses deal with ICUs filling up so much that they have to turn away people wit

  5. 7 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    Same flag at half staff as:

    This lazy 9/11 silhouettes of the pentagon and twin towers ring more hollow than usual as according to the New York Times:

    there were a total of 3,231 Covid deaths reported just yesterday 9/9/21 in the United States.

    9/8 it was 2,202 deaths

    Remember how after 9/11 the US government wanted to increase airport security and asked travelers to show their drivers license to board an air plane and take their belts and wallets out and but them in bins, but then people complained that it violated their freedoms and republican governors banned airports from requiring photo IDs to fly, and passed a law to fine airports $5,000 for each person they asked for IDs?

    and remember how there was a terrorist attacker who used a bomb in his shoe to kill hundreds of Americans in December 2001, so the US asked travelers to take off their shoes and put them in bins at airport security, but people started throwing tantrums refusing to take off their shoes saying it was a violation of their freedoms, and how FOXnews anchors questioned whether or not people taking off their shoes had any effect on terrorist attacks and said anyone who takes of their shoes at the airport is weak?

    and remember how in 2006 a transatlantic flight from the UK to US was blown up by a terrorist with liquid explosives, and how the US asked travelers to limit liquids brought through security to 6oz each, but people once again threw tantrums at the airports calling the TSA fascists and said that not being allowed to bring a bottle of Coca-Cola through security was exactly like the Holocaust?

    Remember when hundreds of people were dying a day from terrorists hijacking and blowing up planes?

    No? you’re telling me none of that happened? because people didn’t complain about these precautions(or if they did, went through them anyway)?

  6. 7 days ago on Bob Gorrell

    yes there are no ‘mean tweets,’ a term you use in order to minimize the damage Trump’s misinformation caused. Over half a million Americans are dead because reality show president abdicated responsibilities to lead the nation in a crisis and let the nation’s governors take the blame.

  7. 7 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    Gorrell uses this news anchor with his arms folded and copy/pasted 7 times:

    replacing 7th one that actually had one arm in a different position with the same copy/pasted news anchor. Gorrell quickly drew in a smug smile on the 8th copy/paste

    Gorrell is doing that thing right wingers do where they say nothing while the previous GOP administration breaks everything, but now that a democratic administration is in power and things haven’t magically been fixed, they get all the blame.

    How exactly would Trump’s withdrawal from Afghanistan been any better than Biden’s? Do you have an answer? no?

    There’s no crisis at the southern border, it’s just the scapegoat you and right wing media use for every problem. Grant them citizenship, they’d pay more in taxes than Amazon, and other giant corporations. Migrant workers do more work in one hour than you do in a month.

    What do you expect is going to happen when you prolong a pandemic, causing millions of people to lose their jobs, their unemployment assistance, and then are evicted from their homes. Not everyone can be paid to recycle the same dozen cartoons.

    The pandemic is still raging because people on the right keep spreading disinformation and refusing to get vaccinated or wear masks. Where are your cartoons urging these people to wear masks or get vaccinated?

    Inflation due to what? the fact that everyone was at home last year and now this year, vaccinated people are able to go back to work and more people are able to go out?

    Trillions in spending compared to what? How much do you think the hurricane damage in Louisiana will cost? What about the flooding in New York City? or the Cost of yearly wildfires in California? These costs are going to keep adding up unless we do something about climate change. Who cares about piling debt, if all of our children will be dead from climate change.

  8. 9 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    2 new drawings in a row. That’s some kind of record.

    For 20 years the United States has been held hostage in Afghanistan by a military industrial complex that decided it was easier to keep throwing billions of dollars and American soldiers lives away than admitting that maybe they were wrong about the war in Afghanistan.

    As dotbup pointed out unvaccinated and maskless Americans, who are keeping the pandemic going, are responsible for more American deaths than terrorists are.

  9. 16 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    This appears to be an actual new drawing

    former gocomics cartoonist Tom Stiglich did a similar premise of Biden with an ice cream cone a few days ago:

    and also a few weeks ago:

    why the ice cream cone?

    as bkincaid pointed out, Gorrell, who submitted a black rectangle yesterday, doesn’t get to lecture anyone on credibility.

  10. 17 days ago on Bob Gorrell


    another black rectangle

    blank white cartoons

    it’s time to retire Bob Gorrell