Arlo and Janis by Jimmy Johnson for May 27, 2018


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    Robin Harwood  about 2 years ago

    It’s a hard life, Arlo.

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    David Huie Green -- it could be worse  about 2 years ago

    Skeeters gotta eat too, y’ know.

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    KenTheCoffinDweller  about 2 years ago

    Janis probably just wants to vacuum the couch.

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  4. New fsu logo
    Jaw Jacker  about 2 years ago

    Janis probably has a stud coming over

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  5. Missing large
    Carguy  about 2 years ago

    Janis wants some alone time

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  6. 1946 dawn
    Thechildinme  about 2 years ago

    We haven’t seen the last panel, which just might show her following him out to join him in the hammock!

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  7. Picture
    EdMeiller Premium Member about 2 years ago

    This made me smile. Thank you Mr. Johnson.

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    Plods with ... Premium Member about 2 years ago

    What a guy

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  9. Close up croprotate
    CallMeMeg  about 2 years ago

    Arlo’s the BEST husband.

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  10. Missing large
    John Smith  about 2 years ago

    A woman just can’t be happy if she’s not bossing someone around. Control freaks, one and all.

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  11. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member about 2 years ago

    You’re a stand up guy, Arlo!

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  12. 2benny hill
    Yakety Sax  about 2 years ago

    My grandmother was a very tough woman. She buried three husbands and two of them were just napping. Rita Rudner

    My religion would be a gentle faith that believed in the sacredness of leisure. Napping as a form of prayer. Garrison Keillor

    Short naps are good. Given modern workplace demands, this is not possible for many people – but if you have the option, try napping for ten to twenty minutes in the afternoon, preferably lying down in a darkened room. Andrew Weil

    I like to do ‘Garfield Mondays’: lasagna and napping in a box. Chris Pratt

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  13. Michaelparksjimbronson
    well-i-never  about 2 years ago

    Sacrifice, sacrifice…

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  14. White siberian tiger
    Mema Jean  about 2 years ago

    Fresh air , Arlo, fresh air.

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  15. Greywolf
    Greywolf46 Premium Member about 2 years ago

    Arlo and Janis is one of my favourite stripes. Jimmy Johnson does a wonderful job of capturing life as it is. Thanks Jimmy.

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  16. Img 5555
    Da'Dad  about 2 years ago

    A day with a nap is a good day

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