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From the salmon-colored sofa that is the center of the Arlo & Janis universe, this unique and quixotic comic strip has been just about everywhere. From unvarnished human drama to flights of unfettered comic fantasy, from unabashed pathos to unsurpassed observational wit, Arlo & Janis is perhaps the most unpigenholeable comic strip ever. It also invents new words!

The characters Arlo and Janis have played the parts of mermaids, squirrels, alligators and grasshoppers over the years, all while exploring the unexaggerated human condition and managing to become, with their son Gene, perhaps the most believable family in the funny pages. This unique approach has garnered Arlo & Janis an intelligent and engaged readership and guaranteed that a percentage of it will be confused at any given moment. However, readers eagerly return every day for another quaff from what has been the holy grail for a generation of comic-strip authors: quintessential Boomer humor.