Aug 12, 2013
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fair warning - a county fair is opening near you. be alert!

most disappointing ride
big let
1. the big letdown, montgomery county.
2. the tiltalounger, arlington county.
3. the sop-o-rific, howard county.

best unnecessary produce
1. man-eating gourd, frederick.
2. even-slightly-less-tasty soybean, charles.
3. spontaneous-combusto hot pepper, loudoun.

biggest wheel of cheese
1. world's largest cheese, prince george's.
2. largest cheese ever, mongomery.
3. big wheel of cheese, prince william.

fratricidal order of misanthropes go away
we'll be back at never
most unfrequented booth (non-commercial)
1. fratricidal order of misanthropes, arlington.
2. ranting pamphleteers of america, loudoun.
3. (tie) reform party, montgomery. no, we're the reform party, montgomery.

best new home arts
1. crocheted computer cozy, prince george's
2. refrigerator magnet arranging, frederick.
3. pickled botulism, montgomery.

cow: mhu
most unusual genetic engineering
1. self-tipping cow, frederick.
2. "the marathoner" racing pig, st. mary's
3. carny running the big letdown, montgomery.
Aug 19, 2013
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