Aug 15, 2013
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restaurant closings
the following establishments have been closed for health code violations.

ice cream
346 flavors ice cream - several suspicious flavors (spongesqueezing, maybeberry, death by vanilla, thingy & countertop) listed merely to boost the total to 346.

lugubrio's since 1904
lugubrio's - grim edifice & decay-ing waitstaff prompted patron complaints of anxiety & depression. also, gaping hole blown through salad bar sneezeguard.

mughraeibhnaorheach - undeter-minable ethnicity - scandinavian? gaelic? urdu? plus most dishes on menu contain gravel, silt or pumice.

homerule authentic d.c. cuisine
homerule authentic d.c. cuisine - there is no such thing, not since they closed down all the "little taverns."
Aug 22, 2013
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