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Capricorn - Your tin can habit is getting way out of hand.

Aquarius - Check the kitchen drawer. Your coupons have expired.

Pisces - Today they will remove your little castle. Tomorrow...?

Aries - I'm sorry, we have no horoscope listings under "Aries" at this time.

Taurus - You burn oil and pull to the left.

Gemini - You are confident your court appearance will vindicate you & allow you to put these absurd allegations behind you.

Cancer - Shellfish is very high in cholesterol. Beware

Leo - Time to thin the herd.

Virgo - You're 39. lose the cats & the sci-fi fandom & get a date.

Libra - You amass enough gravity to attract small satellites.

Scorpio - Your plans for global domination fail when all your toadies strike, demanding nicer jumpsuits.

Sagittarius - The "Mr. Ed" theme song sticks in your head all day, starting right now.
Dec 21, 2010
Small u 201701251614

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