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Richard's Poor Almanac

By Richard Thompson
Jan 18, 2018
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richard's poor amanac presents-
shakespeare's birthday by richard thompson fun page!
1. 2. 3. 4.
who wrote it? for centuries scholars, experts & plain everyday folk have argued about who really wrote shakespeare's works. do you know? is it 1. shakespeare, 2. christopher marlowe, 3. francis bacon or 4. barky the wonder elizabethan-play-writing dog?

help hamlet avenge his father's murder! hurry! time's-a wastin'! go.

oops! you dithered too long! your uncle got away! plus, ophelia drowned herself.

find six things wrong with this staging of shakeseare's "a midsummer night's dream"

1, it's daytime. 2, inappropriate gory murder. 3, hermia is poorly-cast. 4, alligator should be a donkey. 5, set left over from "death of a salesman.: 6, the theater-goer sitting behind you keeps coughing down your neck.
All caught up!
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