Aug 8, 2013
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what's new on the beach?
unabridged popular fiction flybys - twice daily!
the nosebleed by stephen king. chapt

world famous ocean city saltwater coffee
atm bingo
and taffy is off the menu!

no more tacky t-shirts!
corndogs! unchanged since 2000 b.c.!
sandypants sam's
p.c. tees
i'm a red hot mama and i vote
i'm with this individual
born to raise issues

need help?
try the up-graded rescue system!
go to www.oc/aid/assist/floundering/

or, we can just stay inside and wait for the damn sunburn to subside.
woman: gin!
man: not so loud-you're hurting my scalp.
Aug 15, 2013
Small u 201701251614

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