Ripley's Believe It or Not by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! for May 13, 2021

  1. Cyan
    monkeysky  4 months ago

    Very interesting photo, showing the sun’s motion every single day for all eight years.

    It does make me think some institution could break the record if they decided to, though.

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  2. 050183f1 cde3 43dc 88f8 09278c0caf15
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  4 months ago

    so where in America is the second largest gathering of bald eagles?

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  3. Cool hand luke
    Cool Hand Luke Premium Member 4 months ago

    That camera must have one heck of a battery!

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  4. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  4 months ago

    Whale Whale. What’dya know!

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  5. Bluedog
    Bilan  4 months ago

    The Chilkat Valley must have very good Hair Club for Eagles.

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  6. Bananaslug3
    SWCarter  4 months ago

    “Hmm, what was I supposed to do today? Something about beer…” Eight years later…

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  7. John wayne
    The Duke  4 months ago

    8 years as a student and still in college? Sounds like too much beer!

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  8. Gocomic avatar
    sandpiper  4 months ago

    Do the observers have names for each eagle? Some people have that habit, useless as it is.

    Which tells us that blue whales are under tremendous encroachment pressure from humans who rarely look out the windows. [port holes are only found on actual seagoing ships and not floating hotels]

    The long exposure film shows the daily path of the sun for the entire time. Once analyzed it should show some interesting changes in earth’s rotation.

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  9. Cropped narragansett indian logo
    The Pro from Dover  4 months ago

    Now where’s that Fotomat again?

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  10. Gameguy49
    Gameguy49 Premium Member 4 months ago

    So, the Wally Byam eagle caravan is in Alaska in November? I wonder what food source blossoms in November to sustain the crowd?

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  11. Mime attachment
    cactusbob333  4 months ago

    Those whales have to put up with a lot of ship.

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  12. Missing large
    tremaine53  4 months ago

    Have they considered changing the name to “Ripley’s Believe it, or So What!”?

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  13. Missing large
    silego  4 months ago

    Most eagles in America the country… it is a tough race for most eagles in North America. Brackendale, British Columbia also has a massive eagle population in the Winter, and in some years it exceeds that of Chilkat.

    Chilkat’s best year was 3,988, where as Brakendale’s best year was 3,796. So, Chilkat is the winner over multiple years.

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  14. Left me my tree silohette
    ncorgbl  4 months ago

    The 400 clean up after the Eagle Convention where the members relax, party, play practical jokes on each other, dress up in costume for prizes (last year’s winner came as Sarah Palin) and then set up for the next one.

    The student did not forget the camera. He was in prison doing 8 years and 1 month for indecent exposure.

    Ancient Blue Whale legend tells of an encounter by the ‘Prince of Whales’ in the late 1970s with a sinking ship. Having seen a TV set that was still on as it went down, the whales have been looking for the Love Boat’ ever since.

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  15. Screen shot 2021 05 17 at 9.03.40 am
    gozar  4 months ago

    Recording from External Components

    You can record from an external component, such as a camcorder or VCR, connected to any of the unit’s external inputs.

    1. Make sure that the component you want to record from is connected properly to the unit.See page 12.

    2. Press INPUT repeatedly to select the external input to record from.• LINE1 (L1): Audio/Video Input mounted on back panel.• LINE2 (L2): Audio/Video Input mounted on front panel.

    3. Load a recordable tape.

    4. Set a recording mode (SP or SLP) as necessary by pressing SPEED repeatedly.

    5. Play the tape or disc in the external component. If you have a TV attached to your unit,you can see the video playing.

    6. Press z (RECORD) once to start recording. The REC indicator lights in the display window.

    7. Press x (STOP) to stop recording.Notes:• Before recording, confirm the recording start position.• If your source is copy-protected using CopyGuard, the recorded contents may not be played properly. See Copyright on page 7 for more details.• To record for a fixed length of time, see Instant Timer Recording.

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  16. Rhadamanthus
    Craig Westlake  4 months ago

    International Union of Eagles No. 413; meets every November…

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  17. Missing large
    dlogotop83  4 months ago

    Anybody else think about the bar on Dark Shadows when they hear Blue Whale?

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  18. Img 2485
    stevesilver48  4 months ago


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  19. Photo
    DawnQuinn1  4 months ago

    Any comments on today’s topics in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not?

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  20. Missing large
    pbr50138  4 months ago

    Didn’t “some idiot” make the bald eagle, our nation symbol, off of the protected list of birds/animals while he was the leader?

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