Gasoline Alley by Jim Scancarelli for October 13, 2022

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    ddjg  over 1 year ago

    That is a kid’s point of view . .

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    sbook1  over 1 year ago

    The Garbage truck was invented in 1937. Skeezix was a teen! They were using early dump trucks though so there’s that.

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    sergioandrade Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Considering that Walt was probably a kid aroung the year 1900 garage trucks were horse drawn at that time.

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  4. Large ant hill harry alias baby face finster
    Gweedo -it's legal here- Murray  over 1 year ago

    Can somebody get Walt a Matchbox garbage truck ?

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    Susan00100  over 1 year ago

    All I could remember was the noise they made at 6:00 AM!!

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  6. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  over 1 year ago

    At the break of day, with the clash of cans, and the roar of the engine “Hi-Ho Freightliner, away”!

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    oakie817  over 1 year ago

    i’m glad he explained that…i had been wondering myself…

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    fuzzbucket Premium Member over 1 year ago

    When I was a kid, they’d go around our house to the back yard to get our cans, then back around to return the empties, and do the same for the whole city. I wonder how many miles they walked each day? Did the city give them a shoe allowance? When I was 5, I thought that would be a great job.

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  9. Grimes
    SofaKing  over 1 year ago

    I thought the never-seem-to-age Joel and Rufus picked up the garbage in Gasoline Alley?

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  10. Grimes
    SofaKing  over 1 year ago

    In Rockville Maryland the garbage men would come up to the house and dump the cans into big burlap bags to take to the truck. This was in the 60s. The trucks were International R190’s, I can still remember how they looked.

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  11. Missing large  over 1 year ago

    And after you turn 65,your opinion switches to—“Who are these noisy idiots waking me up at 5:30 AM?”

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    BlitzMcD  over 1 year ago

    If Walt, being born in 1899 was a kid, that would place the time frame in the early 1900s. That was a transitional period between the horse and buggy days and the popularization of the motor vehicle. Tough time to be in the trash business!

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  13. Heckle small
    terry R  over 1 year ago

    Happy to see Walt and Gertie again. Gasoline Alley really is the story of Walt and the Wallet family

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  14. Photo
    GaryCooper  about 1 year ago

    Walt is over 120 years old. When he was a kid, the garbage trucks were horses and wagons.

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