Garfield by Jim Davis for June 20, 2020

  1. Garfieldstanding
    arjun.shriv  almost 4 years ago

    Even Jon could be a man, but Garfield will never change.

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  2. Missing large
    MrCommandBlock  almost 4 years ago

    Why did they close the website, WHY WHY WHY, i miss it already.

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  3. Missing large
    codycab  almost 4 years ago

    Over 40 years of this and still going strong.

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  4. Flash
    pschearer Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    GARFIELD: a division of a division of ViacomCBS. (But funny nonetheless.)

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  5. Picture
    LeeCox  almost 4 years ago

    Forty-two years and counting!

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  6. Y18lnkyp normal
    ljcool2006  almost 4 years ago

    I truly miss the old Garfield site.

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  7. Missing large
    MathProf2  almost 4 years ago

    Garfield Minus Garfield (homebrew): like this one!

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  8. Speedyicon
    ninjanick101  almost 4 years ago

    Still kicking after all these years.

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  9. 20071112 einstein
    hariseldon59  almost 4 years ago

    You’d think Odie would have wised up by now.

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  10. Picture
    JudyHendrickson  almost 4 years ago

    Garfield is the reason why Ilike dogs better than cats!!!!

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  11. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  almost 4 years ago

    The older you are, the better you get at it, Garf!

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  12. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  almost 4 years ago

    If he were to do it to Odie again, would it be known as a reboot?

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  13. Cbba29af 1a9b 4f8d 9072 353924fa77e5
    Markov Da Robot  almost 4 years ago


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  14. 414072060 3565126867063834 461442918758818995 n
    Lisa Marie Chamberlain  almost 4 years ago

    Happy 42 birthday, Garfield!!!

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  15. 20063942 118295443891
    upanddown17  almost 4 years ago

    Poor Odie.

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  16. 1017207 10200214106421862 492754112 n
    Cameron1988 Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    No more……….

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  17. Atheism 007
    Michael G.  almost 4 years ago

    Diligence is it’s own reward, eh, Garf?

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  18. Kea
    KEA  almost 4 years ago

    mashup I’d like to see-Garfield trying to kick football held by Lucy van Pelt

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  19. Dscf0051
    sarahbowl1 Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    Poor Odie…and he loves you so!

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  20. Missing large
    Buckeye67  almost 4 years ago

    Odie should pull a Sally sometime and move just before Garfield kicks.

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  21. Missing large
    MrCommandBlock  almost 4 years ago

    Why did they change the garfield website, why why why, I miss it already

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  22. Tc bear 6 1 19 cropped
    jr1234  almost 4 years ago

    I have always loved you Garfield except when you mean, like this, to loveable Odie.

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  23. Missing large
    BigEd  almost 4 years ago

    And we all know just how much cats hate seeing anything on the edge on anything. I Must knock this off.

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  24. Stinker
    cuzinron47  almost 4 years ago

    Don’t try this at home, he’s a professional.

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  25. Missing large
    fix-n-fly  almost 4 years ago

    Come on, Odie – kick Garfield off the ledge….

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  26. Blue harvest
    BJ40  almost 4 years ago

    Welcome back to Bootcamp, Garfield & Odie.

    They must be the Laurel & Hardy of today.
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