Dick Tracy by Mike Curtis and Shelley Pleger for December 12, 2018

  1. Komi 0001
    AnyFace  almost 3 years ago
    ”The Play’s The Thing.” ✨
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  2. Neil2009
    Neil Wick  almost 3 years ago

    Good morning™, Patterson players!

    A sharp chin production?

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  3. Lumandabnetar
    Donnie Pitchford Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    Co-starring Popeye? (Arf arf!)

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  4. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  almost 3 years ago

    Maybe a special appearance by the super hero—the Crimson Chin?

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  5. Wcfields1
    DaJellyBelly  almost 3 years ago

    In Baltimore we have a Patterson movie theater that has been converted into a performing arts center!

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  6. Tmdic190127 straightedge trustworthy
    HarryCK  almost 3 years ago

    Good morning™, consummate showmen !

    Vitamin’s going to need more of these gigs, with one on the way…

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  7. Marty mcfly
    avenger09  almost 3 years ago

    The last story was so bad it might be time to have tryouts for replacement players.

    Someone contact MPH!


    Seriously, it’s time to send out an SOS! Save Our Strip!

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  8. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  almost 3 years ago

    Starring Jay Leno!

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  9. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  almost 3 years ago

    Love the second panel!

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  10. Ignatz
    Ignatz Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    What does a cute young woman like Kandikane see in an old guy like Vitamin, anyway? I never got the impression that he was a huge celebrity.

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  11. Photo
    WilliamVollmer  almost 3 years ago

    Which role is Kandi, and, VItamin talking about? THe one Vitamin will play in the Patterson, or, the one that deals with that “bun in Kandi’s oven”?

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  12. Chimppaperwork
    heligmyer  almost 3 years ago

    A play about Dick Tracy and his ChinBlade™.

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  13. Morning cuppa
    Wizard of Ahz-no relation  almost 3 years ago

    cheer up hamlet. chin up hamlet. cheer up you melancholy dane….

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  14. Missing large
    LouW  almost 3 years ago

    I bet this is a short holiday story. “A Chin to Die For” is probably a tribute / one night show about / for Dick Tracy, where the cast of the strip will be present, and Kandikane will go into labor and give birth on Christmas Day.

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  15. Fearless fosdick pdf
    FFosdick   almost 3 years ago

    When’s the last time we saw Vitamin take a vitamin? May have been one of those blue pills…

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  16. Toilet4
    dave1960  almost 3 years ago

    Anyone else seeing the late Ronnie Corbet in the last panel?

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  17. Missing large
    patroman  almost 3 years ago

    Anyone wanna bet Kandikane goes into labor/gives birth during this storyline?

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  18. Thinker
    Sisyphos  almost 3 years ago

    Lucky old Vitamin has a pretty good chin, but is it a chin with which to lead? What part otherwise might he consider “his greatest” in this Patterson Playhouse production? Is it a Christmas-oriented show? Or is it a crime thriller, bringing J. Straightedge Trustworthy to life? So many question, so few answers. We need more “traffic” (in the code-breaker sense of the word) to suss out what’s going on.

    I note merely as a footnote-worthy bit of trivia that we are not shown today just how pregnant Kandikane currently is. Might be far enough along for an in-story delivery (Christmas? —As several have suggested)….

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