Cartoonists Against Crime Day may seem obscure, but not once you consider the volume of costumed crimefighters who star in comics and cartoons.

Sure, most cartoonists are more worried about people stealing their ideas than, say, robbing their bank, but anti-crime series give readers a window into a world where the kind of justice rarely seen in the real world gets served. In the name of your anti-crime entertainment, we present a rundown of five comics that are decidedly against crime, which you can binge on right now!


Dick Tracy


The most notable comic strip against crime may be Dick Tracy, which has been chronicling the adventures of its titular detective since 1931. Created by Chester Gould, Tracy became known for foiling a host of gangsters with offputting physical characteristics with colorful names to match. In the '60s, Dick Tracy got so good at foiling Earth criminals that he had to head to space (space!) to seek justice. These days the detective is back to his roots, tracking criminals in a classic-meets-contemporary world written by Mike Curtis, with art by Joe Staton.


Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz


Inspector Danger solves a crime every day in his strip. Well, actually... he kind of presents a mystery and asks you, the reader, to solve it. It's a quiz, after all. An upside-down solution at the end end of each comic tells brain-teased participants whether or not they cracked the case, which is all part of creator Werner Wejp-Olsen's plan.




JumpStart is a family comedy at its heart, but that doesn't mean readers don't get a close look inside protagonist Joe Cobb's day job as a Philadelphia cop. A host of JumpStart storylines see Joe apprehend -- but more importantly, help to rehabilitate -- criminals. His partner Crunchy can also be counted on to help thwart everything from simple theft to zombie attacks.


Ink Pen


The superheroes in Ink Pen may spend more time commiserating than actually fighting crime, but their intentions are noble enough to merit a mention. Besides, their misfortune is more entertaining than any potentially prevented purse snatching.


Rip Haywire


Heroic in a mercenary kind of way, Rip Haywire doesn't so much prevent or punish crime as stop the schemes of madmen and women bent on world domination. Whatever the caveat, you can't argue with a name like Rip Haywire.