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  1. 6 days ago on Francis

    One thing relics do is remind us that the saints are real people and not just pious stories. We venerate them because they remind us that it’s possible for anyone from any background to draw close to God and live a life of greater sanctity.

  2. 15 days ago on Nancy

    A very Bushmiller-esque gag.

  3. 16 days ago on Skin Horse

    I think that was the third guy at the fence yesterday.

  4. 17 days ago on Skin Horse

    All that’s left is their team leader, the talking cat.

  5. 17 days ago on Francis

    The one who, whatever her past was, found Jesus and stayed close to him, thus ending up as a saint.

  6. about 1 month ago on Francis

    Formation is the process of discernment and study for those who are on their way to ordination.

  7. about 1 month ago on In Security

    “Big Fish” is the movie that came to my mind.

  8. 3 months ago on Ziggy

    “Feed the birds and what do you get? Fat birds!” - The Elder Mr. Dawes, “Mary Poppins”

  9. 3 months ago on Overboard

    This is the first time I’ve had any sympathy for Scratch.

  10. 3 months ago on Fowl Language

    We called them “blorp cloths”.