Back to B.C. by Johnny Hart for November 08, 2019


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  1. 17a
    Mordock999 Premium Member 7 days ago

    Remember the Good Old Days, where the Good Guys always, Won?

    Me, neither…….,

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  2. Baby
    wjones  7 days ago

    The good old days, So long ago I cannot remember if they were good.

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  3. Clkgdpt3 400x400
    Z51 Premium Member 7 days ago

    Sometimes those are the best memories

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  4. 1be5f3b2 0fd4 40fd ad1f 69b3df564ed4
    Zebrastripes  7 days ago


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  5. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  7 days ago

    I remember when B.C. wasn’t P.C…. :D

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  6. Missing large
    Oge  7 days ago

    It’s a beautiful memory, a perfect memory, everyone wishes they had my memory, nobody has a better memory than I do.

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  7. Underdog
    CitizenKing  7 days ago

    I have a good memory, but it isn’t very long.

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  8. Missing large
    Rayodeluz  7 days ago

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve had memories.

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  9. Wizanim
    ChessPirate  7 days ago

    Stan: I came here to help him forget.

    Commander: Forget? Forget what? Well? Well? Well?

    Stan: I forgot.

    Commander: You forgot what you came here to forget? Well, we’ll see that you don’t forget what you’re here for!

    Laurel and Hardy “Beau Hunks”

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  10. Missing large
    sandflea  7 days ago

    That’s a trait of the potus.

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  11. Missing large
    timbob2313 Premium Member 7 days ago

    well damn, Peter = Trump

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  12. Missing large
    oakie817  7 days ago

    deja vu

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  13. 23rd tfw
    tinstar  7 days ago

    I have a such a good memory, I can remember… um, what are we talking about, again?

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