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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Jan 23, 2014
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super-fun-pak comix
the chill/shady report
kid 1: hombres! i just came from a sick skatepark in la habra!
kid 2: chill!
kid 1: um, i don't think you're using this slang right.
kid 3: shady!
percival dunwoody, idiot time-traveler from 1909
percival: i am from the past!
man: er... are you naked because only living tissue can time-travel?
percival: no, i was in a brothel, and i like to time-travel to an inflationary future to raise funds. might i borrow two dollars?
at a science demonstration-
nerd: ow! wha...? i was bitten by a radioactive superhero! now my thoughts are appearing in a bubble over my head! and motion lines!
next: lycra costume!
marital mirth
husband: i despise you with a white-hot intensity that a mighty ocean could not douse.
sherlock holmes in the public domain
watson: holmes! you must solve the murder of buster brown!
holmes: watson, i cannot.
watson: but you are the world's smartest detective!
holmes: yes, but i'm being written by a moron.
family oval
jimmy: i asked for a footbal, not a foot and a ball.
while daddy takes the day off, jimmy (age 7) takes over the cartoon.
don't eat more than a few suger-free gummy bears.
that worked out so well, daddy asked his funny college roommate to help out.
with everything i have to do, you think i'm going to draw your cartoon for you?
that was so good, daddy asked mommy to make a contribution.
daddy needed one more cartoon, so he gave $5, a pencil and a post-it note to the drunk guy who hangs out next to the gas station.
Jan 27, 2014
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