Jan 24, 2014
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my name is greg, and, yes, it's true, for about four months, i was... god's roommate
1991 ruben bolling
i was just responding to a classified ad, and it turns out the guy in the third floor walk-up is god! at first, i though it would be cool -- i'd get all kinds of extra favors.
god - could you please arrange some good weather next sat? thankx!
but i soon found out there were some major drawbacks. like the answering machine was full of all his messages!
god, i need that promotion.
god, i've got to get something to eat.
and all that flowing hair may be important for looking divine and stuff, but it wreaks havoc on a shower drain!
greg: damn!
i had to blast my tunes to drown out that harp music he's always got going.
she drives me crazy!
oo! oo!
and forget about bringing chicks home. so, one night, when god was out, i got some friends to help me move.
friend: easy, easy...
i'm kinda worried 'cause i didn't leave any money for the last month's rent.
Jan 31, 2014
Small u 201701251612

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