Jan 30, 2014
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lucky ducky
the poor little duck who's rich in luck in "fear itself"
hollingsworth hound is enjoying some leisure time...
oop: i'm sick of all these poor people whining, "i'm afraid"! this is america! home of the free and the brave!
woman: mr. hound, please don't spend money fighting the affordable care act! do you know how scary it is to be without health insurance?
hound: stop sniveling, you crybaby! it's obvious the reason you're poor is that you lack my courageous aspect!
man: please allow more regulations! we're worried your company could cause an environmental catastrophe!
hound: bah! you'd choke business with red tape!
worker: please don't outsource jobs to thailand, mr. hound! if i lose my job, i'm afraid of what could happen to my family!
hound: deal with it!
lucky ducky: ahem. i propose that america re-think its policies that have favored the wealthy for too long!
hound: eek!
dear editor of the wall street journal: it's started: a combination of kristallnacht, the holocaust and the reign of voldemort. the great unwashed are coming.
lucky ducky: gotcha.
the end
Feb 6, 2014
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