Jan 17, 2014
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tom the dancing bug 1993 ruben bolling
chapter iv
sussex county, new jersey. charley, a living specimen of australopithecus afarensis (an extinct species of apeas that evolved into humanity) has escaped! lazarus and dr. faucet must find and return him to... pliocene park
faucet: there he is!
lazarus: incredible!
faucet: he's eating ants!
lazarus: yech.
charley: what! they're not bad! want some?
lazarus: come on back to pliocene park, charley. the storm's let up -- the cable's probably on...
charley: back off! i... am... not an animal! well, o.k., technically i am, but i'm not going back!! i've had it with your park! it's tacky and depressing! so long!
faucet: you know, charley isn't so different from us. maybe we don't have to go back 3 1/2 million years to find our animalistic side!
faucet: we are animals -- social animals, with the same capacity for savagery and for kindness as our forebears!
charley: guys! wait up! could i get a lift into town? i heard some creepy sounds in the woods back there...
lazarus: faucet, you wouldn't be interested in buying some land in new jersey, would you?
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Jan 24, 2014
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