Mar 1, 2017
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oop: there - how's that?
man: it needs more tension on the #3 wire!
lurch. highly unstable. requires patience, some u-bolts and lots of piano wire.

oop: plug it in. i did.
black hole fir. un-usually dense foliage absorbs lights, baubles, garlands, even tinsel!

man: hey, is this cool?
cannabis spruce. sap is extremely mellowing on contact. may cause irresponsible behavior.

a. b.
oop: that looks awful
platonic fir. perhaps too ideal. renders all attempts at ornamen-tation superfluous.

callow balsam. good for homes with preschool-craft-project construction-paper & glitter decor.

mr. scrubby potty brush. easy installation! child-friendly! hung on a door it doubles as a wreath!
Mar 3, 2017
Small u 201701251614

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