Feb 27, 2014
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metro playlist
here's who'll be playing at metro center station this week. times to be announced.

singers: nononolonolololonolo contenderaboodlaboodla ablapshebopolocontendere!

the convoluted scat stylings of the a cappellates, an all-lawyer vocal quartet, are sure to have you tapping your foot impatiently.

doowaoowa oowaoo
oont peenk
ed: i call this one "celestial tofu threnody."
guy: too relaxed - can't move pulse slowing - life force ebbing...
ed nuage joins himself on keyboards, noseflute, electric koto, incan armpit kazoo, etc. to creat new age ambient soundthings.

slavedriver: faster you worthless scum! ramming speed!
the big, drum-beating slavedriver guy from "ben-hur" will really kick your morning commute into high gear! remember, tips are welcome!
Mar 6, 2014
Small u 201701251614

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