Jun 3, 2013
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literary calendar

7 p.m. alicia sloe-lorris initials "the tiny book of twee bromides by the cash register." vapid books & such.
7 p.m. duane "li'l tom" hooper, t.s. eliot impersonator, reads "the waste land" with a pissy, supercilious look on his face then blows up when somebody asks him to sing selections from "cats." bogus bookshoppe.

7 p.m. former president bill clinton discusses "what is is! my life since the last book." back-slapping, hand-holding, panty-raid & hugfest to follow. barnes & noble bypass plaza.

7 p.m. microsoft's bill gates reads from "my america, mine, mine, mine - a vision for the future" at books-a-billion.

1 p.m. activist-performance poet m'bolo stupak podgorny reads from "steal this book & heave it through a plate glass window." workshop to follow. pulpitation bookstore.

7 p.m. an infinite num-ber of chimpanzees discuss their multi-volume "treasury of western literature with no typos" at the museum of na-tural history. nit picking to follow.
Jun 10, 2013
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