Jun 6, 2013
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father's day special by emma t. age 4 1/2
emma: my dad suffers from paternal explanatory syndrome, also known as drivelia factosis. 

"i first identified it on a trip out west last year."
oop: see, emma, that's a volcano! magma under-ground builds up this huge pressure until it blows rights out of the mountain & makes a giant mess, like when you stepped on that twinkie & white stuff went all over the dining room flo-emma! stop chasing chimpunks! come look at this volcano!
emma: daaad
mount st-helens overlook

"p.e.s. is hereditary on the male side."
dad: the carburetor is the most elegant device known to man. allow me to demonstrate...
my dad & his dad, circa 1967.

"it's been around for a long, long time."
caveman: gravity is caused by static electricity in rocks. see? like when you rub 2 chipmunks together.
girl: nng.

"i'm learning to cope with it."
oop: hey emma, did yu know that tic-tac-toe was invented by the ancient egyptions? only they called it ptic-ptac-ptoe.
emma: uh-huh.

"and I hope my sister will, too."
oop: look charlotte, it's fossilized dinosaur poop! the scientists who study stuff like that are called paleopoopologists.
charlotte: nng. palappophog.
Jun 13, 2013
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