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Amanda the Great is a comic about its author, Amanda, and her long-suffering fiancé (and eventually, husband) Dan.

Amanda the Great

Amanda El-Dweek

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Click here to read the latest In Security.

In Security

Bea R.

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Click here to read the latest Lukey McGarry’s TLDR.

Lukey McGarry’s TLDR

Luke McGarry

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GARFIELD CLASSICS takes us back to the beginning to remind us why we fell in love with the lazy, cynical orange cat who loves lasagna, coffee, and his remote control.

Garfield Classics

Jim Davis

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Breaking Cat News delivers the latest headlines on cat happenings around the household. Join our crack team of feline reporters as they bring you the news that matters—cat news! Cynical Elvis, sensitive Puck, and adventurous anchorman Lupin ask the hard hitting questions about empty food bowls, house plants, box forts, vacuum cleaners, birds, bacon, and more! Lupin: The lead anchor for “Breaking Cat News,” Lupin is brave, curious, and adventurous. ...Sometimes to a fault. Elvis: Cynical, skeptical, and occasionally puffy, Elvis asks the tough questions and rarely accepts any answers. Puck: Gentle, thoughtful Puck often lends his own observations to the broadcast. His kindness usually makes him the most likely to get personally involved in a story. Tommy: That cat in the backyard who should not be there, Tommy irks Elvis with his constant friendly cheer and optimism. He enjoys belly rubs and friendship. The Man: The male half of the People, the Man is mostly distrusted by Elvis while adored by Puck and Lupin. His naps on the couch are particularly appreciated. The Woman: The female half of the People, the Woman is generally admired and closely followed by the CN news reporters, except when she buys them the wrong kind of food or brings out the vacuum. The Baby: The People's unexpected addition, the Baby continues to bewilder the CN news team.

Breaking Cat News

Georgia Dunn

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