Apr 15, 2013
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cherry blossom lore
as early as 600 years ago american indian tribes living on the patowmack river recog-nized the unique charm of the cherry blossom tree
indian 1: those things are going to attract kitsch-starved tourists like flies.
indian 2: and how.

george washington, bitter over a childhood incident, detested cherry trees of any kind and had to be forcibly restrained from chopping them all down.
advisor: sir! don't! the tourism industry was a major contributor to your presidential campaign!
washington: ow! leggo!

it would take a stack of 21,467 pancakes to equal the height of the washington mon-ument if you made them with buttermilk.*
* this is not cherry blossom lore. i'm sorry.
Apr 22, 2013
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