Jun 18, 2016
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Man: Ok...3 pairs of socks and underwear, 2 dress shirts and casual wear for after the sessions.
Woman: Are you sure that's all you're going to need?
Man: It's only a two-day sales seminar, so it should be more than enough.
Woman: Hmm...I feel like you're forgetting something. Wait...where is it being held?
Man: Greensboro, North Carolina.
Woman: I remember! I'll be right back.
Man: Ok.
Woman: Here you go, dear...
Man: Uh...what's that?
Woman: A copy of your birth certificate in case you need to use a restroom.
Man: And with that, I'm off to the mysterious land where that sentence makes sense to people.
Jun 20, 2016
Small u 201701251612
Reuben Award Winner

2013 Reuben Award Winner: Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year