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By Bill Amend
Oct 10, 2010
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Jason: Would it be ok if I bought nine computers with your credit card?
Andy: Excuse me?
Jason: The new World of Warquest expansion is coming out soon and I still jhaven't killed the final boss! I'm like the only guy on the server without the "Kingsquisher" title! It takes 10 players to beat him, so I figured I could wire 10 computers together and then do it by myself.
Andy: Why can't you just do it with nine other people like you're supposed to?
Jason: My endless Chuck Norris jokes have made me something of a pariah within the game. Pleeeeeease?? I have it all figured out! I'll bring two paladins, a warrior, a priest, a rogue, a warlock, two shamans, a hunter and a mage.
Andy: You're out of your mind!
Jason: Good call. I forgot a druid for battle rezzes. 
Andy: Why is my Amex card missing?...
Oct 24, 2010
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