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  1. margueritem

    margueritem GoComics PRO Member said, almost 8 years ago

    He doubts his doubts….

  2. Yukoner

    Yukoner said, almost 8 years ago

    I was busy yesterday and did not get to C&H until after there were 100+ posts, mostly about religion. I read all of them and was both amused and appalled. Although I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum for a religious debate, I have no real problem with people expressing their point of view and was impressed with some of the views proffered although I realize that those on either side will never convince those on the other to accept their views, at least not in this forum. However, what I found unacceptable was the significant number of posts on both sides of the issue that gave way to name calling and personal attack. These have clearly no place in this forum. I am therefore suggesting that all of us flag any post that makes a personal attack on another member. That is not to say that we should not be allowed to disagree. Indeed, honest discussion and debate is appropriate but personal invective passes beyond the bounds of acceptability. I would welcome feedback about the idea of flagging certain types of comment as inappropriate. In the meantime, have a great day.

  3. wndrwrthg

    wndrwrthg GoComics PRO Member said, almost 8 years ago

    Calvin, you were born under a bad sign.

  4. SaintRCat

    SaintRCat said, almost 8 years ago

    Religious debate really has little overall value on the internet, at least in the way it is usually done. Actions speak louder than words, but with the total anonymity on the internet, words are all there is, and the only words people tend to see here are those they want to hear, or see. I doubt many people turn to Jesus or go a different path just because of a forum post on a comic about Santa. Sure, trading ideas is usually nice, but these debates never really result in such.

    However, while I don’t mean to insult anyone, I have to question how much free time people who leave “debate bait” on these comics have. It’s rather sad that people would rather spend time trying to start an argument with random strangers rather than do something more productive.

  5. LX013

    LX013 GoComics PRO Member said, almost 8 years ago

    Try to put it in order Calvin!

  6. m_ortal

    m_ortal said, almost 8 years ago

    I’m watching everyone.

  7. socraties

    socraties said, almost 8 years ago

    Is there any other comic strip that attracts religious discussions than C&H ?

  8. JonD17

    JonD17 said, almost 8 years ago

    Yukoner, that sounds like a good plan to me

    makin’ note to self to watch out for those eggnog brains…….. SaintRCat, you make a couple of excellent points too.

  9. Carmy

    Carmy said, almost 8 years ago

    Panel 4 is so perfect. You tell him Hobbes! Yukoner, yesterday was way too crazy. Your comments are right on, no one should get personally attacked.

  10. BirishB

    BirishB said, almost 8 years ago

    Yukoner – I agree in principal, but disagree in execution. “Flagging” is a subjective call, as is “offensive.” Perhaps the solution lies in encouraging all to ignore those posts that get under your skin – if the post makes you angry or hits a nerve, don’t respond. I believe the solution also lies in knowing that once one attacks the person, the argument is conceded. Additionally, it may be useful to point out objectionable posts – if you see something you don’t like, don’t “flag” it, but do let them know you don’t like how they say what they have to say.

    As unacceptable as an “insulting” post may be, the greater insult, in my mind, is censorship. We all have different sensitivities; while there are some things that are patently offensive, we can not say with certitude what should be objectionable. Unfortunately, we have to put up with the “objectionable” post so that the “approvable” post can be made.

    “I disagre with what you say, but I defend to my death your right to say it.” Patrick Henry

  11. BirishB

    BirishB said, almost 8 years ago

    I think Calvin might be confusing the “bad” list with the “naughty” list … bad he ain’t, but naughty? Ummmm … yup!

  12. GuntotingLiberal

    GuntotingLiberal said, almost 8 years ago

    I never really understood why religion ends up being so limited by us anyway. Why can God and doubt and faith and science not get along?

    Let it be a lifelong journey towards enlightenment. Doubt is a powerful tool in the seeking of truth. And as for science in God haters… the more I understand about the universe, the more impossible it is to believe that there’s no greater organizing force.

    Evolution is beautiful! Have you never studied it closely? What an amazing, resilient, tenacious thing life is. Take a look at it even on the microbial level. Look at the drive for small life to not only survive, but to become more complex! How absurd. How counterintuitive, in a universe that slowly cools itself towards entropy. What is driving life itself to fight itself upwards against the stream?

    Assuming that you’re Christian, and not a freelance agnostic like me, why cannot an omnicient, omnipotent being have done something for life other than wave his magic wand, figuratively speaking?

  13. Nairebis

    Nairebis said, almost 8 years ago

    Personally, I like to promote atheism not because I think I’m going to change anyone’s mind (if the absurd parts of the bible don’t do that by itself, nothing will), it’s to generally promote a world environment that it’s okay to be an atheist. The old generation is set in its ways, but each new generation thinks for itself. It’s very difficult to overcome religion when it seems like “everyone” believes. Well, everyone doesn’t believe, and in fact, a LOT of people don’t (some estimates are as high as 20%, depending on how the question is phrased). But religious people are notoriously bigoted against non-believers, so to get by in this world, you have to pretend to believe (or at least not rock the boat).

    It’s all about saving the next generation, not trying to change the ones that are already gone.

    It’s okay to be an atheist. You are far from alone. And yes, it’s okay to celebrate Christmas as a traditional winter holiday. :)

    And I believe this is entirely appropriate to discuss within a strip about a boy and his imaginary friend. ;D

  14. kiMoi

    kiMoi said, almost 8 years ago

    Gosh Hobbes, what if I don’t go to heaven when I die because I doubted the existence of God?

    Don’t worry Calvin. I think you’ll be alright.

  15. iknowtruthismine

    iknowtruthismine said, almost 8 years ago

    All that religionists require is that Atheists keep their mouths shut, which is as far as they can go in our secular society since they are no longer allowed to kill us heretics. Good luck with that.

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