May 6, 2016
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Puck: The sun is out and the Man is forging a path into the Void! 
Lupin: Puck, Lupin live from the window, where I'm happy to report most of the Void can just be shoveled and dumped out of the way. 
Lupin: CN news, Man. Man? Man? MAN?
Man: (music playing) 
Lupin: Always dodging the press... 
Puck: Reality perseveres! Moving on, we have an update on the kitten! Elvis?
Elvis: Thanks, Puck. The kitten is awake and alert! She ate well this morning, and now she is resting. 
Elvis: With some company. 
Daughter: (GASP!) Mom! Mom! Baby Cat! Look! Baby Cat, Mom! 
Daughter: Baby Cat! Look! 
Woman: Aw! That does look like the Baby Cat, doesn't it? 
Daughter: Yes, Mom. 
Elvis: I can confirm. 
Woman: You know Elvis, if you keep this up you won't win World's Crabbiest Cat this year. 
Elvis: I've been NOMINATED?
May 8, 2016
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