May 7, 2016
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Lupin: The real world has returned outside! 
Lupin: Take it away, Tommy! 
Tommy: Sometime over night everything came back. Plus mud! 
Tommy: So much mud! 
Lupin: Tommy, is that a rainbow? 
Tommy: It sure is, Lupin. Gotta love New England weather! 
Tommy: I'm sweatin' my tail off! 
Puck: Breaking news out of the living room, Lupin! The People are calling the Kitten "Beatrix." 
Lupin: Beatrix. ...Beatrix. I like it! Do we know the inspiration behind the name? 
Puck: Cool stuff bees can do. 
Elvis: Elvis here, with an exclusive interview with Beatrix. 
Elvis: How do you like the name, kid? 
Beatrix: I would have preferred "Scout," but I like it fine. 
Puck: I wanted to be "Racer," myself. 
Lupin: "Shadowfax."
Elvis: "Ares, Cat of War." ...But, moving on-
Elvis: How are you feeling? 
Beatrix: Much better. I'm glad to be here at the station. 
Elvis: There you have it, Lupin. Back to you.
May 9, 2016
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