Jan 9, 2014
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chagrin falls
"taking a puff"
tv: ...these adolescent dolphins were observed chewing on a pufferfish, in order to get a "high" from the neurotoxins the fish releases.
dad: fascinating! i'm going to tell cap about this! he and his little friends have taken such an interest in tropical fish!
kid: hey, you had your turn! hand over the puffer, dude.
dad: cap, i... oh, no!
cop: freeze!! this is a bust!!
dad: eek!
kid: flush the fish!!
dad: please, your honor. he's just a kid! didn't you ever experiment with toxic vertebreates when you were young?
judge: well, i...
attorney: the state demands the maximum penalty! pufferfish chomping must be discouraged! it's for his own good! and these types of kids never get punished for this, while other demographic groups doing the same thing get incarcerated! he should join them!
judge: guilty!
cap: thanks for coming to visit me, dad.
dad: well, i got a discounted admission with proof of purchase of a case of pltz beer.
chagrin falls
the end
Jan 16, 2014
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