Nov 23, 2012
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Billy Dare 
Boy Adventurer with Quentin
Ch. MMXI: Suddenly - A Suburban Chicago High School! 
Billy: You're trapped now, Baron! 
Baron: It would seem so.
Baron: But I've got one more trick up my sleeve -- my GENRE-SHIFTER!
Billy: Wha...?
Baron: You see, we're currently in the "Boy Adventurer" genre...
Baron: of course the bad guy MUST lose to the youthful protagonist! 
Baron: But with my new Genre-Shifter, we can go from wholesome children's entertainment...
Baron: an adult crime noir story!
Mooney: Drop the gun, Billy! 
Billy: Police Commissioner Mooney?! 
Baron: That's right, Billy! He's been with me all along! 
Baron: In this genre, the villain just might WIN, leaving the hero in existential agony! 
Baron: In fact, the hero might even take a gunshot to the shoulder...!
Billy: NOW, Quentin! 
Baron: NO! You don't know what you're doing!
Baron: Augh! A 1980s teen comedy! 
Billy: And I just made out with your girlfriend!
Next: The Baron's parents go away for the weekend! PARTY!
Nov 30, 2012
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